Friday, July 4, 2014

Der Blaat, Aroinie Newspaper, Prints the entire Hatefull Speech, for the entire world to see

Der Blaat, the Aroinie Yiddish weekly, published the entire speech of their Hate Monger Rabbi, just in case someone missed it!

So for those useful idiots, that say that the blogs are spreading hate, see the above full page copy of Aron Teitelbaum's sick perverted speech to his naive sheep, which was printed in Der Blatt!

This speech is straight out of Al jazirah!



Anonymous said...

I don't understand this Tzadik.
The Yeshiva Bachurim don't go to
the Army because they protect the
country with the Toireh they learn. We need Yeshivos in the
Shetachim to protect the settlers.
The settlers are protected because of the Yeshivos.
Maybe only Satmerer Yeshivos can
protect the TZIYOINIM.

Anonymous said...

Will Agudah condemn this or do they agree?

chusid101 said...

Your blog is great. We need you to get more attention and notice.