Thursday, July 24, 2014

R' Kahane's letter to Chedvas Seminary telling them to "Shut Up" about Meisels

Loshon Hara Rabbi Kahane

This letter is so wrong on many levels:
1) He tells his naive students  that "loshon hara without toeles is assur."
No "toeles?" Why don't you send your daughter to have coffee with him at 4:00AM?
2) "assur?" How about "mitzva l'farseim?"
3) "assur?" Is feeling up your students muttar? 

He further writes " even l'toeles the halacha is that it’s asur to believe it."
Excuse meeeeeeeeeee! "asur to believe it" ? 
So if you are prohibited from believing the students, then those students are a bunch of liars?
How come students from 3 different Seminaries  are telling similar stories, and some of them don't know each other?
This Kahane guy must resign, no other way!

Parents, have pity on your children, they will be tainted forever going to this seminary with Kahane over there!
From: Meir Kahane <>
Date: July 17, 2014 at 7:03:09 PM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
From: Meir Kahane <>
Date: July 17, 2014 at 7:03:09 PM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Dear Chedvas Graduates amus'h,
I am inspired to write you a letter. It was just recently that I was reminiscing about your year. When the three kdoshim were missing, I recalled our mission a few years ago to save Gilad Shalit. I recalled the the dedication with which you worked and the determination. I recalled that you were brave enough to fight a yetzer hara that so many fell prey to. When most girls were wearing skirts above their knees you made a kinnus to teach the world that it’s assur. While the kdoshim were missing, I kept asking myself, where is my army? We saved Gilad, we can save them as well. I have no doubt my army was doing their part. This time, Hashem said no.
But the death of three kdoshim led to war. When things started getting worse the nagging thought kept coming back. Is my army doing its job? While the rest of the world is relying on the IDF, I personally was relying on a different army- you, my Chedvas graduates.
The thought crossed my mind more than once over the past couple of weeks "can we do another kinnus?" Can we do one now to save us from the war? But scattered all over the world, it seemed quite impractical.
Hakadosh Baruch Hu has his ways. And he sent us a nisayon of colossal proportions. It’s as if Hakadosh Baruch is telling us that Klal Yisroel needs major zchuyos, gigantic zchuyos. You be the ones to do it.
All of us know that loshon hara without toeles is assur. At this stage of the very unfortunate situation our school finds itself in, there is no toeles in discussing the situation and its details. And even l'toeles the halacha is that it’s asur to believe it. My Chedvas students. Much of the world is talking about it and much of the world believes it. Do you hear Hashem speaking to us? Hashem is saying Chedvas you be the ones to stay quiet. Hashem is giving us another chance for a kinnus. He’s telling us that he listened to us last time, and wants to listen again. But this time the kinnus will not be on a stage, with signs all over Yerushalayim and a video. It will personal, and quiet, and extremely hard. My students, if we stay strong we can and will change the world.
I never thought we'd have a chance to do this again. Hashem believes in us, so let’s believe in ourselves. Let’s make chizuk projects to be michazek each other, let’s make buddy systems to see if we're staying in check. I'm ready for volunteers to come up with a mehalach. I have a sinking feeling we’re going to bring Mashiach.
Sources tell us that before Mashiach there will be a big nisayon that will be very hard to pass. Those who do will merit Mashiach. Those who don't...
I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas on how to initiate this program. I'm happy to make it worldwide.
With tefilos that Hashem should bring everyone back to His Torah, I remain,
Rabbi Kahane


No Name Needed said...

Major scumbag does not even begin to begin to begin to describe this piece of filth. Any parent who sends their daughter to this slime ball's 'school' after reading this should be locked up, either in jail or an insane asylum.


Anonymous said...

you are out of control. We are sending our daughter to chedvas. We spoke to Rabbi Kehane at length, about many, many things and about Meisels.
How can you condemn someone you never met and really know nothing about. Has there been even one complaint of abuse from a student at this school? we have a lot of friends who sent daughters there, and my daughter knows their daughters- they had a fine year. So, we suggest you knock it off. Or come here and lookat it yourself- anyone can complain from a distance.

Dusiznies said...

To anon 8:09
I spoke to three victims myself, this week.
You and Kahane should be locked up in a funny farm!
Meisels should be left in a jail with the captured Hamas guys!

Anonymous said...

3 victims from chedvas?? victims of kahane? victims of Meisels who attended chedvas?
this is very serious to us. obviously

BenA said...

Since all that is required in getting the title "Rabbi" is to know the laws of the kitchen, then it would seem that this is the first step to getting away with sexual improprieties and to be defended and protected. A simple insurance policy for those who want to get away with their desire to molest.

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 11:18
Stop distorting the post, or i'll stop you from posting.
I never said that all were from Chedvas.
I never said "victims of kahane"
Kehane is worse than Meisels because he wants the victimized girls to shut up!

Anonymous said...

The first mistake you made is calling these guys Rabbis they are abunch of sick perverts.These animals should prave their shtick somewhere else if thet are frummies do what the talmud says go to an undisclosed place wear black clothing which you already do and do your dirty deeds there you are probably too damn cheap to spend the money.these perverts should be castrated and after that you can be makaim the mitzvah of priah and mezizah on themselves.10300

Anonymous said...

i was asking, not stating anything. I don't have any facts, only my personal opinion from meeting Rabbi Kahane.
Your post was somewhat vague. I only wanted to know if Rabbi Kahane is doing this- and you seem to be saying that he is not molesting girls.

Issue of wanting victimized girls to shut up..... I will discuss with him as soon as I talk to Rabbi Leff who teaches there

Anonymous said...

for clarification, I am not the only one posting here as anonymous. I wrote the first anonymous, and then responded to you with" Iam asking". the post inbetween that starts " the first mistake" is not mine. thank you!

Binyomin said...

How about Rabbis not be put in charge of girl's seminaries? How about getting rid of seminaries since there is no reason for them to be around these days. If “kol kevuda bas melech penima” then why send innocent and inexperienced girls half way around the world to sit at other people's Shabbos tables (aside from the association with Rabbis in the seminaries themselves). Bais Yaakov has done their job and there is no reason to support these money making institutions.

someone who knows said...

I went to Pninim. And Chedvas. I am not here to talk about Meisels although I will say this scandal comes as no surprise. But to hear Kahane speak this way just escalated the whole thing to another level. This is coming from a man who refused to accept Pninim girls until Meisels forced him to. He constantly ridiculed him for living the "in-between kinda frum." He mocked him and disagreed with him on everything. He disrespected him to his students with plenty of lashon hara. And now he's telling us to be quiet? Now, when we've learned to trust in rabbanim we shouldn't believe what a Beis Din says even if it's lashon hara litoeles? I can't hold back anymore. People need to see what goes on in this seminary. This is how they teach. This is how they live. This is the way they want us to be.
Rabbi kahane,
Are we YOUR army? Did YOU train us? Do you really know what hashem is saying? No, I don't hear Him telling chedvas girls to be quiet. I don't hear Him telling me that my knees have anything to do with anything at all besides me and my private modesty which you have no right trying to control. You are not a commander. You are not a seargeant. You are not in control of who can save the world and who will merit mashiach. You actually know nothing at all. You are blinded. Misguided. You fell for the mystical attraction of religion and you try to pass on falsehood. I have been under your rule. I have experienced your perspective. I have heard your voice in my ear while you yelled through your phone. Because you disagreed with a choice I made about my life. I actually never heard a rabbi scream like that. And it hurt the kind that made me cry. Every soldier that dies I think it's my fault. I think god is punishing ME. I automatically feel guilt for every bad thing I hear, because if you do something wrong YOUR DESTROYING THE WORLD! Am I? So, all who are in favor of succumbing to a cult where you will never find true happiness - stick with chedvas. You will enjoy a fun filled year under a manipulative man who will try to impress on you things you do not need to do so that he can be in control. Give it up kahaine. You can't control the world. I can't destroy it either. If you really want to change something I heard the IDF needs some help in Gaza. 

Anonymous said...

To "Someone who knows": I am so proud of you for speaking up! I am intimately aware of this issue, based on my own experience, although not specific to this situation. Sexual abuse thrives in darkness, indifference, ignorance, and ongoing denial. But times are changing, and now Jewish victims of these reshaim, are now inspiring a path out of this dark hell. I have much to say on the matter of "Rabbis" who perpetrate sexually on the unconsenting. I have much to say on how the yeshivish olam deals with it, and there is deep heartache around this. Being frum, a rav, etc, is NOT the same thing as being ethical, honest, healthy and truly G-d fearing. Such reshaim have a sexual disorder, and without the RIGHT treatment, consistently, and away from their potential victims, they will continue to prey upon the innocent. All the while, pretending to be a "rabbi". In fact, the clinical profile of sexual predators include those that you would LAST suspect (seminary rabbi), & their cloak of deceit is a perfect hiding place. My fervent hope is that the demand for true justice, through people like you, will be significantly more powerful than the smallness, darkness, & criminal ways of the thieves of innocence. You are not alone.


Binyomin said...
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Binyomin said...

If the Torah says that it's ways are ways of pleasantness and all its path are peace, then either the Torah is lying or the Rabbonim are who project on everyone a Torah that is opposite of this.

chedvas parent said...

Chedvas parents have been hard at work. 1. no chedvas alumnus has been molested to anyone's knowlede. 2. certainly no current staff member is involved in these type of activities 3. issue of meisels being off and out 100% has been resolved as of 4 am friday. He is gone. 4. this letter to 15 girls was written to help them cut out the senseless chatter, gossip and lashon horah. 5. in a few days all of the actions taken will be clear and in the public domain

Dusiznies said...

To 4:00AM
you write:
"this letter to 15 girls was written to help them cut out the senseless chatter, gossip and lashon horah. "
Why is this "senseless chatter" didn't this letter explicitly say that Loshon Hara ltoe'eles is mutter?
Don't we have an obligation to warn parents of the entire State of Israel about Meisels, or is it only your daughter that is important>>>
What does it mean,"issue of meisels being off and out 100% has been resolved as of 4 am friday. He is gone."
Did he admit it publicly? Is there restitution to these teenagers? Maybe the pervert is gone, but the pain and the loss of trust that these holy neshamos had to endure, will be there for a very long time....
I advise parents not to take a chance with Chedvas, there are plenty of other Seminaries.It seems that the administration will not take responsibility!

chedvas parent said...

you might want to consider whether your opinion is as solidly grounded as Rabbi Aharon Feldman's:
Seminary scandal: Lastest Psak of Israel Beis Din on July 25, 2014
Last night, Rav Aharon Feldman brought the case to Beis Din here (Rav Mendel Shafran is Rosh Beis Din). They sat for 8 hours hearing testimony from everyone involved, and wrote up their official Hachlatot.

1) There is absolutely no danger to students to be educated in these four seminaries.

2) The staffs of these schools are incredible and they have done their work with mesiras nefesh, faithfully and with yeras shamayim. They have succeeded in producing a large number of students over the years who have produced distinguished frum homes that are faithful to G-d and His Torah and they are capable of producing more.

3) We request that Touro certify these seminaries for past credits

4) It is prohibited for any other school (either preexisting or newly established) to attempt to recruit students - either directly or indirectly - who have been accepted in these seminaries for the coming year. This is prohibited by a number of halachos and we are sure no one will try to do such a sin.

5) It is prohibited to defame or slander these seminaries in any manner

6) There are those who have intervened without authority who haven't heard all the facts and should be ignored.

7) There are additional issues regarding this case but they are not discussed in this ruling but will be fully addressed at a future time.

Binyomin said...

How about the seminary is sued if it doesn't return the money to families who don't want their girls going there and Meisel is reported to the police since he is getting off scot-free?

What about the Isreaeli Bais Din issuing a report detailing its investigation in to the matter and exactly how they arrived at their conclusion instead of these sham investigations always being a mystery?

How about R' Feldman detailing exactly how he knows that all the seminaries are safe and what makes his words magically true? Rabbonim have to re-earn non-cult member's trust if they want to be heeded.

Dusiznies said...

After speaking to Rav feldman shlitah, we stand by our advice:
Dont send your children to Chedvas, until they come clean and have Meisels admit publicly,

Binyomin said...

Ouch. Either chedvas parent was lying or misinformed. If misinformed then someone else was lying. Why is this a pattern in YEshivish/Chareidi scandals?

As an aside, I'd like to know how they managed to interview everyone over the 8 hours they were in session? Everyone just happened to be available and came to speak with them? And they are qualified to make decisions about predators?

Anonymous said...

Kol hakovod to the former student who courageously spoke up and revealed the hypocrite as he is. I mean really, that young woman needs to be applauded for telling it like it is and telling this crack-head off -- yeah, I second that... go serve in Gaza. Maybe he'll have the merit to give the ultimate sacrifice al kiddush Hashem while he is there.

How is it different from the molesting of young boys? Send it to beis din and then just send the lamb back to the wolves... except this beis din said "gevald geshriggen, we must tell the public not to send children there anymore! "

And so the administrators all cry, what about our paychecks? Funny how things always change, halacha decisions too, when money and parnassah is reliant on it.

If they're such great mechanchim, they'd understand this place is a problem. Shut it down, raze it to the ground, an then go open a new one and hire new administrators and start anew. And any other response -- sickens me.

Binyomin said...

You are assuming that other seminaries are different and could avoid this issue if it ever came up. Since we are dealing with an "old boys club" why shouldn't this situation just repeat itself? The only thing that isn't known is how many seminaries this is happening in since there will always be a cover up and after all with regards to a teacher or victim, who are you going to believe - the Rabbi that gives the seminary its reputation or them?

Anonymous said...

I am a therapist, frum, no not just frum but FFB. I am American born and bred, practicing in Israel. I am not a newcomer comer to Yeshivos and Seminaries, like I have said I grew up in the mainstream frum American world (rare among therapists, and even more rare among mechanchim in Israel. But I write this as a regular yid, who happens to have inside exposure to the mess.

I pride myself in having gone to Yeshivos and my family in every direction too. There may some due criticism for all mosdos, and lots for specific ones, but by and large they do devoted and hard work for our children, as was done for us.
Firstly, let us acknowledge this; the vast majority of people working in chinuch are devoted and honest people, who are moser nefesh for a praiseworthy goal. Those who don’t live up to this standard, who are not honest and fair and even worse abusive are the exception. Thank you to all the special true mechanchim!

Now, yes with heartbreak, we must admit not all, and yes it is becoming more and more common, are people we should trust our children, teens or adults too.

As a therapist, I often deal with such cases, of neglect and outright abuse of all types. Whether the issue stems from parents, friends, strangers or the teachers themselves, too often mechanchim and even rabbonim are implicit. It is simply rare to find people who will stand up for the truth, who are not afraid of it. Who will get up and put down their foot to protect and prevent abuse.

At the end of the day, adults are responsible for themselves, people need to fight for their rights, fairly and honestly. Parents are responsible for their children, and as such all I can say, is that it is FRIGHTNING how foolish and willfully blinded people can be when making decisions on where and why it is safe to go places.

(It causes great harm when so many innocent are accused, often by rumors or clearly non-reliable people and their lives ruined without fair and honest investigation. Please, lets be wary of unconfirmed rumors, and be very careful who we really can trust to say one was guilty. Ironically the guilty usually get away and the innocently framed get nailed and shattered).

For many of us in the field this specific expose came as no surprise, nor is it the first time such 'problems' were discovered in seminaries. The writing has been on the wall for years! People in the know make no secret of the questionable situations which come up constantly for young impressionable girls away from home. The options include but are not limited to; hashkafic crumkeit (the majority of seminaries proudly entertain all types of 'Jewish thought' -little do parents knew what their child will be exposed to), sexual education -undesired, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, manipulating for egotistic reasons, peer abuse, dangers of all sorts from within and without seminaries, and more. Every year a number of girls learn the hard way. Not a small number, I myself have a connection with a few dozen a year! And I obviously do not come across all. (I am not only referring to abuse, but also other situations, such as girls getting a lot deeper than they planned or their parents can imagine with other people, etc..).

Anonymous said...

If people actually knew what the Chafetz Chaim said, they would know that Rabbi Kahane was NOT wrong when he wrote in this private email to a few Chedvas alumni that “…And even l’toeles the halacha is that it’s assur to believe it.”

If you have ever learned Hilchos Lashon Hara, you know that they are vast and complicated. The Chafetz Chaim makes a clear differentiation between acting on lashon hara to protect oneself (and no further) and believing and accepting it wholeheartedly to be true. The latter is what Rabbi Kahane was referring to in his letter.

If you want to twist this to claim that Rabbi Kahane was telling girls not to report abuse to authorities (although his letter was written after the whole Meisels scandal had gone public) that is your choice. But please do not do so on a public forum.

Dusiznies said...

to 4:29
Don't bring the Chofetz Chayim into moron!
Meisels admitted molesting the innocent girls to the Chicago Bais Din?
Don't you think this should be publicized?
Toeles! Shmoeles!
I wonder what you you have said, if Meiseles had his hands on your daughters body? Hmmm?
Would that be sufficient toeles?
This Loshon Hara business has gotten too far, it protect the guilty bastards, but does nothing for the victims!
Get off my blog, you Shotah!

Chana klein said...

Your all sick. I went to chedvas and could t have asked for a better place. Stop destroying the world and go get a job. Hashem will punish those who need to get punished.