Friday, July 4, 2014

Der Yid, Satmar Newspaper, Just like Hamas Blame Zionists for the brutal murder of the boys.

Der Yid, a Satmar Yiddish weekly newspaper, puts all the blame on the State of Israel. Their arguments are identical to Hamas and  Haaretz.
Satmar is no different than the Israel leftist communist daily newspaper, Haaretz.
Im not going to translate this convoluted garbage they espouse, suffice it to say, it's no different than the hate coming out of the Hamas terrorist organization.
Satmar may do alot of Chesed, but so does the Salvation Army!


Anonymous said...

Satmer doesn't have a monopoly on chesed. Churches have people who visit the sick, collect donations, ,Salvation Army, Red Cross,citymeals -on-Wheels Neighborhood Coalition for Shelte,r Breast Cancer Foundation, Robin Hood Foundation,Food Bank for NYC, Henry Street Settlement, NYC Cares, who have thousands of volunteers, Bowery Mission, City Harvest which collects 16 million pounds of food for needy, America Cares , Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities, etc.etc.
Chesed is done by good people everywhere regardless of faith.

Anonymous said...

What he and his lackeys don't know is that no Arab map shows the Israel on it, it's called Palestine, all of it. That includes Bnei Brak with Ponovitch in it. Also included are all the Kiryas this or tha'st spread over the country. It's not just Judea and Samaria dimwits, it's all of Israel.