Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ISIS destroyes grave of Yonah Ha'Novie, after blindfolding 50 Iraqis and executing them!

Shocking moment ISIS militants take sledgehammers to Mosul tomb of Prophet Jonah as more than 50 blindfolded bodies are found massacred south of Baghdad

  • ISIS militants filmed taking sledgehammers to tombstones in Mosul, Iraq
  • Donning balaclavas and black clothing, they swung weapons into tombs
  • One grave belonged to Prophet Jonah, revered by Muslims and Christians
  • Rebels believe special veneration of tombs is against teachings of Islam
  • Comes as more than 50 bodies have been found in city south of Baghdad
  • Most of the bodies were blindfolded with gunshot wounds, said authorities
  • Investigation is underway to establish the circumstances of the killings



Anonymous said...

Has the NY Times's Jody Rudoren thought of a moral equivalence yet, like maybe a Jew once burped near a Muslim grave?

Anonymous said...

Did the bastards desecrate the body itself?

Dusiznies said...

What I want to know is:
Where is the Asra Kadishe?

Anonymous said...

The ex-Satmar chevra will get a kick out of this

Anonymous said...

NY Post says they also destroyed the kever of "Prophet Seth".

Is that Shaiss that it says in Breishis was a tzaddik? The seforim say Shaiss was the reincarnation of Hevel.

Unknown said...

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