Sunday, July 6, 2014

Satmar to Annex 500 acres in Monroe! Causing a huge Chillul Hashem!

The Satmar guys see nothing wrong with antagonizing the goyim in Monroe, and will annex over 500 acres in neighboring Kiryas Yoel.
The Hypocrisy is astounding!
They yell and shout when the Zionists annex parts of Eretz Yisroel,  land that was given to us by G-D!
Why is it ok for Satmar to annex but wrong for Jews to annex our very own land?
If they want to live together, why don't they all move to Israel?
I don't get it.

Kiryas Joel is a fast-growing island of ultra-Orthodox Satmar Chasidic Jews in a suburban stretch of New York’s Hudson Valley. Sidewalks are busy with mothers in head coverings pushing strollers, and kids’ plastic trikes seem to outnumber cars.

Now a petition to expand the densely settled village by annexing 507 acres of leafy lots nearby has heightened tensions with some suburban neighbors. While expansion could help a village bursting at the seams, there are fears it would lead to unwanted increases in apartment complexes, homes and traffic.

“The quality of life here will be completely destroyed,” said John Allegro, standing on his family’s wooded 1.5-acre lot, which he said would be semi-circled by annexed land. Allegro said he moved farther from New York City to escape that kind of hubbub.

A group of residents called United Monroe, which includes Allegro and others, has been raising alarms about the landowners’ annexation request, much of it covering undeveloped acres. They argue looser village zoning could usher in a new wave of high-density development that will stress sewers, hurt air quality and create a “dramatic change in the rural landscape.”

“The reality is that it changes everything, fundamentally,” Monroe resident Michael Egan said.

The annexation issue arose amid friction in other Orthodox populations in the region and after Kiryas Joel separately challenged zoning restrictions in neighboring Woodbury.

Freund insists villagers are trying to live in peace and follow the customs of their ancestors. “Because we’re looking different, they’re fighting us,” Freund said. Similarly, Kiryas Joel school superintendent Joel Petlin said that while the village generates heated debate, officials elsewhere in the county quickly passed resolutions supporting proposals for large casino resorts and allowed the expansion of the nearby outlet mall.


Anonymous said...

As long as they follow legal processes, why is this a chilul Hashem?

People always oppose a whole host of development types, but Jewish ones even when done legally, always generate the biggest opposition from anti-Semites who don't oppose much if anything else.

Dusiznies said...

to Anon 2:54
With all due respect to u (since you read my blog)
a Chillul Hashem can be made even as in this case when its done legally.
My point however was that Satmar accuses Israel of "hisgairus Be'umois" and that is exactly what they are doing in Monroe!
By the way, the Israeli "settlements" are absolutely legal!

Anonymous said...

It's true that there can be chilul Hashem even when something is done legally. I will be quick to criticize Satmar where that is the case, but I am not sure there is any chilul Hashem here.

The municipality of KJ needs more room. This is America where people can build & live wherever they want as long as it is legal. Pulte, Avalon or another major home builder could have also tried to build on this tract & market it. There would have been a lot less screaming from the neighbors even if that too would rankle them.

Focusing for a minute on neighbors who are not anti-Semitic, they might be very upset that their bucolic surroundings are being urban or suburban but they have no right to stop developments allowed by law. Let them move up to the Adirondacks where it will take at least a couple of centuries for the Jews to expand there.

And what these kvetchers don't tell you is they make a fortune selling to Jews so it does not end so badly for them after all.

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 4;05
I agree that they have the right to build,but when one of Satmar's main aruments against the State of Israel is "hisgarious b'umois" which means that one is not allowed to antagonize the goyim, so what's good for the goose should be good for the gander. If Israel's mere existance is antagonizing the nations, why isn't Satmars annexation of more land in Monroe in the same prohibition, which they quote all the time? Arn't they antognizing the neighbors?

That's my point!

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 2:54
The chidush of lo higarus bagoyim is even legally it's not permitted. One isn't permitted to do haisgarus to anybody, Jew or non-Jew at any time for any reason except for the 7 amim or annexing territory at the time of Dovid hamelech. Legally causing bad feeling in Monroe between neighbors is hisgarus beamim .
This cannot apply to Israel where the amim, the U.N. voted to partition a Jewish state with an Arab state. The problem is that the Arabs do not recognize the legal status and therefore the Israelis must defend themselves. There is no hisgarus here. If they would leave Israel alone in peace there would be no problem. As it is, the Israelis give Arabs, electricity, hospital care, etc.and would help them even more if they would accept the U.N vote and accept the recognition of Israel that many countries give them. Had Jordan not entered the 1967 war , the Jordanians still would have had Judea Samaria and old Jerusalem.
The higarus beamim that Satmar accuses I srael of has no basis in fact, but there's a possibility of that in Monroe.

The shomrim in Williamsburgh don't believe in hisgarus since they sometimes do things that are hisgarus outright. Such as beating the Afro-American months ago and I'm sure there are other examples.

Anonymous said...

You who are in golus are telling goyim to move to the Adirondacks and don't think that this is hisgayrus buoomois? Are you insane?
When did any Jewish community anywhere in golus ever say say such chutzpedig arrogant stuff?
Move to Israel where you belong.

Anonymous said...

They can move to the Adirondacks no matter who is developing but they only make tons of money if it's Jews buying property. There is a concept in golus of giving money to them.

Take a look what happens in the new areas of Monsey's expansion. Most of the goyim are happy that Jews are paying top dollar to them. It's only a few bitter SOBs who fight like hell and who are joined by a self-hating Jew or two. There is a case like this in south Monsey now where a bitter anti-Semite's lone backer is a jerk who was once in yeshiva and today lives with a Black woman.

Anonymous said...

That alone that they believe that Jews make tons of money somehow here in golus when they themselves dodn't causes envy and hate even if they make lot of money from these Jews. That's what you don't understand. This is what they all say, that Jews are connivers and have tons of money to throw around for houses no matter what it costs. They can't figure out how the Jews make all this money.
How many times is it written to live modestly in golus and not poke your wealth into the eyes of the goyim. Name me a country where so many Jews still have homes and money. This golus won't be any different. Buy homes in Israel where you belong.

Its the economy ... said...

The anti-Semites do say that "all" chassidish money is stolen because they are "all" on welfare. That of course is a lie and racist stereotyping. The developers are successful businessmen who definitely have plenty of income.

Jews of all stripes, even secular, end up driving up the price of real estate when they decide to live in the same neighborhood. This is basic supply & demand as there aren't enough houses to go around if they live this way.

Now I'm saying the anti-Semites don't have some other valid complaints but they are two faced liars about certain things like this point. After all, it was White Anglo-Saxon Protestant economist Adam Smith who is famous for writing over 200 years ago about supply & demand.