Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Isaac Markowitz in Letter to Yeshiva World writes "Hide yourself and don’t fight or criticize them" (the Arabs)

The following is a non-edited letter, published in its entirety, as received by YWN: 
This guy calls Israel, "Palestine" and cares more what the world says, than his own brothers and sisters!

Hi Gentlemen, just want to let you know that you guys @ YWN are the most self hated jews in todays time…

 By supporting bloodshed in Palestine (by giving Chizuk to the army to fight enemies which will never end till Mushiach arrives)and young innocent boys being killed for no good reason just for ego) to criticizing Hon. President Obama Y”H and Senator Kerry by trying to help the situations and solve the crisis (which can only work by showing both sides sympathy), every comment in this site is being read by non-jews as jews also government officials know what to read and will pick the only the red lines which includes criticism against our officials and government and particularly against our President Obama y”h, you guys bring the most antisemitism to our own brothers in the world and especially in the Tri-State area, we are now in exile and have no right to criticize any officials, and by doing this you create on us even more enemies at home. 

We should thank Hashem that they are letting us practice Torah & Mitzvos w/o problems. Yiden! open your eyes and look what to Torah writes what our father Yakov said to his children “Lumo Tisruei” -Why are you showing yourself as like any other nation? Hide yourself and don’t fight or criticize them, this will only make it worse for Klal Yisroel and until freed be quiet and except the Gulos” There’s a lot more to say but this is just the tip of the fork and it’s not what i say but what the Torah says.

Isaac F. Markowitz


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Shimon and Levi didn't agree with Yakov Aveinu and wiped out Shchem.

He writes " and except the Golus"
Subconcious error instead of "accept" the galos.
There is no din of not defending yourself in galos. Another frum be nichne lie.

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Mayofis Putz, go lick your poretz's boots, farkakte Yid.