Sunday, July 20, 2014

State of Israel a "Medina of Hell" writes Satmar News Der Blatt

We are now in midst of the "Three Weeks" and I was debating whether to post this.

People who know that I write this blog asked that I refrain from writing negative stories during these weeks. So I skipped reading the editorial in this week's Yiddish Satmar Newspaper Der Blatt, run by the Aronie faction of the Satmars, and decided to read an article in  an insert in Der Blatt, which featured a story  about the  historical city of Gaza.

I was totally blown away! Here, I thought I would read a parve story about the Jewish settlements in the ancient city of Gaza, and what I got, was the most disgusting Satmar anti-Zionist propaganda embedded in the article.
You would think that they would give the readers a bit of fresh air, but nooooooooooo, they insert Zionism even in an historical piece about the old Jewish settlement in Gaza.

I will loosely translate the introduction to this article.

"During these days, when the entire Jewish World is busy with the war that the evil Zionists, may they be obliterated, again forced upon the Jews, a war that happens again and again every couple of years, and even though there is a ceasefire, on and off , every Jew residing in Eretz Yisroel knows that this will not endure too long, since the Zionists will again start to tease and antagonize the Arab murderers and the war will continue.

Today, the city is an exclusive Arab city, a city that has absolutely no Jews. It is interesting to note, that just 80 years ago, there was a beautiful Jewish Community and that the reason there are no Jews there now, is because of the terrible "Hisgarous B'Umois" what the evil Zionists did 80 years ago way before the existence and founding of this Medina of Hell in Eretz Yisroel."

So they are blaming the Zionists for "teasing the Arabs" and blaming  the Judenrein Gaza on the Zionists , even though they themselves admit that there was no State of Israel then.

So, I ask you guys, should I let something so evil go, and ignore it, or did I do the right thing to let my readers know that we have the devil incarnate living amongst us, and  tell you why Moshiach isn't coming!

During this tragic time, when the Jewish people are under attack throughout the entire world; to have these ingrates take an innocent historical story and twist it into evil propaganda is beyond the pale of decency!

A Gutta Voch, Mama


Anonymous said...

DIN,keep up your holy work in exposing these jew hating Romanian gypsy bastards,these criminally insane brainwashed evil zombies are the jewish Kapos of this generation,the whole frum jewish community needs to get together and VOMIT THEM OUT OF KLLAL YISROEL.


Anonymous said...

They're scrambling around like chickens without a head and are desperate because they had a bad few weeks in the media. Everybody jumped on Aron when he yakked , and last week's negative article about an upcoming book did them no favors.They're in panic .
Somebody tell them that Israel uprooted settlements near and in Gaza , removed all Jews yet let them have their own state, give them electricity and medicine, , and they still shot rockets.
They sound like the Arab media, lying and lying.

Anonymous said...

How will these lunatics explain pogroms and Holocaust of 6 million when there no hisgaira beumoss? Using their words "there was a beautiful Jewish Community and that the reason there are no Jews there now," No Jews in Satmar and Transylvania Rumania now was hisgaira beumoss?

Anonymous said...

Moshiach tzidkeinee will be the ultimate tzionee. He'll do nisgaires biimis with Goyg and Moogog.