Friday, July 25, 2014

Letter to the Editor of Satmar Newspaper, Der Blatt

This week's Letters to the editor of the Satmar Yiddish Newspaper, Der Blatt, features the following letter. 

Keep in mind that this letter was written, while Jewish boys are fighting the enemies of the Jewish people in Gaza!

I will translate the letter loosely :

What to ask (from G-d, I guess) in these days

In Honor of "Der Blatt"
Of course it goes without saying that we should all share in the pain of our Jewish brothers, who reside in the Holy Land, and to pray to G-D that no Jew should, G-D forbid, be harmed either with their soul, body or property.
But we should also remember to pray to G-D that the Zionist state should be destroyed.
To prove my point, The Mishkolzer Rav, the author of the sefer Yageil Yaakov, Z"L, said that the acronym of Tammuz is
Umalchus Zadon Mehirah Taeiker (the evil government should be eradicated soon)
A worthwhile prayer during these days and in this month.


Anonymous said...

Is this what he's blabbing?

تنظر سيكولوجية الإعلام الجماهيرية إلى التليفزيون على الأخص بإعتبارخ وسيلة - ليس لإخضاع الجانب الواعي في الإنسان فحسب- بل الجوانب الغريزية والعاطفية، بحيث تخلق فيه الشعور بأن الآراء المفروضة عليه هي آراؤه الخاصة.”
― علي عزت بيجوفيتش, الإسلام بين الشرق والغرب

Anonymous said...

These are not Jewish people.

Avraham Aveinu begged for evil Sdom to be spared, and al achas kama vekama he would've begged for his offspring. These Mishlinge mongrels beg for destruction of a Jewish state filled with b'e'h with yeshivas & kollels .

Anonymous said...

its beutifuly written

Anonymous said...

unfortunately we have tens of thousands of these criminally insane ignorant savage jew hating and Israel hating zombie bastards,Actually it should not come as a surprise what this criminally insane ignorant savages write,after all these brainwashed evil zombies grew up in the mental asylum called Satmar, and were indoctrinated at a young with the the late satmar rebbe's Israel hating manifesto VAYOEL MOSHE, where he writes that there is no doubt in his mind ,the reason that six million Jews were gassed and burned during the holocaust was all the result of the sin of Zionism,in other words because the poor Jews having suffered for the last 1900 years of pogroms,expulsions,inquisitions ,forced conversions,finally decided they had enough and decided they wanted to go back to their God given Eretz Yisroel,and for that sin GOD had the Nazis gas and burn six million jews including one and a half million yidishe kinderlech,this is the evil garbage they start teaching their kids even before they even know the have to blame their godfather who authored the evil and disgusting VAYOEL MOISHE,which has become the bible for all the Israel hating swine all over the world.


Anonymous said...

the Torah tells us whats right and wrong, not what you feel ir think, chazal tell us mah deksuv, hishbaty eschem bnos yerushalayim bitzvaos ubailos hasade, veum kav ani matir es besarchem vekulho vekulho, thats chazal, like it or not, the zionists were over Al shalish hashvuos, thats excatly what happened,

Anonymous said...

Fool.. Hishbati is an allegory. An event like that never happened . When did it happen and where? It doesn't say anywhere how and where and when it happened. It's not literal.