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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rabbi Avrohom Schorr bans J-Root Radio because they tout MIzrachi

Rav Hagoen Avraham Schorr gave a Daf Yoimi this week and said that "there are so called rabbis out there that deny the Holocaust and propagate anti-Torah views on J-Root Radio. R' Schorr  therefore declared J-Root Radio banned!

 Below see a video where Mr. Mizrachi calls Chabad 
"Hypocritical & Money Hungry for tolerating Secular Jews"!
This is the way this ruthless meshiginar wants to eliminate what he thinks are "competitors" 


Anonymous said...

What is the source for Avremel Schorr assering the radio station?

At least with all his fanatical Tali-banning he finally banned something worthwhile if true.

Yosef Insaneovic Mizrachi said...

I know how to fix you vouz vouz Ashkenazim when you criticizing me.

I going to sing Pizmonim very loud so you cannot hear yourself think when you reading DIN.

Bulvan and friends said...

Now that would be a sight to see, Schorr Habor yanking the microphone from Mizrachi like he did to Lipa Schmeltzer.

Anonymous said...

Now all the lipa followers and tuna beigels will follow Rabbi Mizrachi since rav Schorr
Condemned him. At least the chassidic tuna beiglich will start putting on Tfillin again thanks to Rabbi Mizrachi.

Anonymous said...

I thought rabbi schorr himself was banned years ago for insulting anyone who he dislikes. I guess he figures he wants to pull down as many as he can before he hits the ocean floor

william gran said...

Not only is he right its true about all mosdos all long as u give them money your their hero

william gran said...

Lol good imitation keep it up!

Emes said...

"wants to eliminate what he thinks are "competitors"" - This is a nonsensical charge against R. Mizrachi. Chabad is not in competition with him. I don't always agree with everything. R Mizrachi says, but I think he's right on this point.