Saturday, November 26, 2022

UOHC will “immediately open a full and impartial investigation on Harav Hagoen Chaim Halperin


We have been writing about this sexual pervert since Dec 2012.

A rabbi accused of sexually abusing a woman when she went to him for counselling is to be investigated by the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, the umbrella body for London’s Charedi communities.

The action follows a TV broadcast on Israel’s Channel 12 last week in which the 21-year-old woman claimed Rabbi Chaim Halpern, head of the Divrei Chaim Synagogue in London’s Golders Green, groped her when she met him for rabbinical guidance.

The woman told the program Rabbi Halpern had touched “private parts” of her body at the counselling session in London and had repeatedly tried to see her during a recent visit to Israel, where she lives.

In reported telephone conversations apparently between the pair, the rabbi said he loved her, told her she was beautiful and asked if she wanted him to “come with you in bed”.

The Union broke its silence on the claims on Thursday by releasing a statement saying it took the allegations “with utmost seriousness” and is opening “a full and impartial investigation”.

It advised the public “to take necessary precautions and to take these allegations seriously”.


Rabbi Halpern has dismissed the woman’s claims as “bubbemeises” (fairytales) and a “made up story”.

The Union said its rabbinate was “unequivocal in their opinion that all disclosures of abuse should be referred to the relevant authorities, institutions and organisations without fear of any repercussions, who will co-operate fully with any investigation of alleged abuse”.

The Union statement did not mention Rabbi Halpern by name but referred to a “certain rabbi”.

 Earlier this week a member of the Union’s rabbinical leadership, Rabbi Yisroel Meir Greenberg, head of Munk’s congregation in Golders Green, urged his members not to pray at Rabbi Halpern’s synagogue or attend classes given by him.

Ten years ago Rabbi Halpern stepped down from the Union’s presiding rabbinate after allegations that he had abused women during counselling sessions, although he maintained his innocence of any wrong-doing. 

 Police launched an investigation but no charges were brought. 

 The Union set up a special Beth Din to examine the allegations at the time consisting of rabbis from abroad but its activities were suspended during the police investigation and it published no findings.


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The "Babbitt" solution is guaranteed to work.

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ANYTHING Union puts out in English (which this was) is inteneded for those not on the insude of the community. Theh have done this before and he walkd free. Shame.

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