Thursday, November 10, 2022

How "Erliche Yeedin" Described Their Feelings Voting the Very First Time in Israel


Below is the emotion-laden diary entry of Rav Moshe Alpert on his feelings at the first elections in 1949.

“At 5:35 AM we woke up, my wife, my brother Reb Shimon Leib and my brother-in-law Reb Natanel Solduchil. And after we drank coffee we put on Shabbat clothing in honor of this great and holy day, because ‘This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be happy on it .’

After 2000 or more years of exile, you could say that from the six days of Creation until this day, we have not merited to see a day like this, that we are holding elections in a Jewish state. Shehechiyanu! Blessed is the One that kept us alive and sustained us and brought us to this day! So we went to the voting station near Chabashim Street with our identity cards in hand. With great and mighty joy we walked the short way there, and the entire way I walked like it was Simchat Torah and I was circling with a Torah scroll, because I was holding the identity card of our new Jewish State in my hand.

My happiness and joy knew no bounds! The assistant at the voting station brought the ballot box, and the chairman called out to me and said ‘V’Hadarta Pnei Zaken’ – ‘And you shall honor the old man’, And he told me that since I was the oldest person present, I would be the first to vote. With a thrill of awe and holiness, I handed my identity card over to the chairman, and he read out my name from my card and from the book of voters.

And the deputy chairman wrote down my name and handed me the number 1. Then he handed me an envelope and I went into the other room, where there were ballots from all the parties. And with a shaking hand, moved with holiness, I took one ballot marked “B,″ for the Religious Union party, and I placed the ballot inside the envelope I had received from the deputy chairman.

I reentered the polling room, and I showed them that I held only one envelope. Then the holiest moment of my life arrived. The moment that neither my father nor my grandfather had the privilege to experience in their lifetimes. Only me, in my time, in my lifetime, did I merit to experience such a holy and pure moment as this… What joy for me and my portion!

At 6:28 AM, we returned home and went to pray. 
What a great holiday!″


Filthydelphia said...

Molester Shlomo Pomerantz is prime example of a Philly boy who didn't know how to learn. Beyond that he was not run of the mill, even quite weird, actually.

How much was Philly involved in the cover up?

Did molesting in the Fresser camps have anything to do with his broken engagement when he was dumped by Rabbi Chill & his daughter?

Anonymous said...

@filthydelphjia I was molested by Shlomo Pomerantz in the late 90's - I would love to hear more....

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Please tell us more!

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