Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Netflix hosts film depicting IDF as bloodthirsty murderers


Otzma Yehudit chairman MK Itamar Ben-Gvir responded to the publishing by Netflix of a Jordanian film which depicts IDF soldiers as bloodthirsty murderers.

"The Jordanian incitement film that will be broadcast on Netflix proves how much hypocrisy there is in the world towards Israel, which was attacked with murderous terrorism even before its establishment," Ben-Gvir said.

"The Foreign Ministry should deal with this brainwashing with determination, by informing and presenting the real picture of who the actual bloodthirsty murderers are. We cannot be silent in the face of this blood libel that would reverberate around the world," he said.

The Jordanian film 'Farha,' which was shown for the first time at the Toronto film festival, won critical praise and was even chosen to represent Jordan in the 'Best Foreign Film' category at the upcoming Oscars.

The film, which claims to give a glimpse from the Palestinian Arab side of the tumultuous period of Israel's War of Independence, or the 'Nakba' as the filmmaker Darin J. Sallam calls it. Sallam caused quite a stir and criticism even from those who usually support the anti-Israeli narrative.

Farha' follows a 14-year-old Palestinian Arab girl whose father hides her in the family's basement during an Israeli bombing in 1948. From there, through a small hole in the wall, she watches her village turn into ruins at the hands of Israeli soldiers.

In a following scene, the girl watches as a group of soldiers forces an Arab man to reveal where his family is hiding and proceed to mercilessly slaughter the family, including a baby.

The film will be available on Netflix starting this Thursday, December 1.

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