Wednesday, November 30, 2022

How "Chusheve" Chareidie Rabbanim in England Protect the Molester "the Avi Avas Ha'Tumah" Rabbi Chaim Halperin


Sorry guys, it's in Yiddish. 

Those who understand Yiddish will be impressed with his impeccable diction and knowledge in his denunciation of Chareidie Rabbanim who not only allowed this pervert to continue as Rav of a Chareidie Community but send him more "karbonos" to molest!

How many lives will Chareidim allow this fiend to destroy until they finally kick him to the curb.?


Anonymous said...

An accurate analysis said in such a rich Yiddish

Litvak said...

I normally have to concentrate very shtark when listening to Yiddish. This guy makes it a cinch.

Anonymous said...

The tribal mentality - even to worst of "us" must be protected.