Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Rabbi Avi Shulman Passes Away in Monsey


We are sad to inform readers of the passing of one of the most inspiring individuals of this past generation.  He was a man who changed the landscape of Torah observant Judaism in America.  He eschewed the title of Rabbi, calling himself Mr. Avi Shulman.

He was one of the founders of Torah uMesorah’s project SEED, which led tens of thousands of people to becoming true Bnei Torah.

His sole focus and passion was to help others – to help mechanchim, to help students, to help marriages.  He had remarkably unique skills and insights in which he accomplished these goals.

He was an observer.  He saw what the qualities were that created success, and what led to failures.  he took that wisdom and gave them over to others in remarkable ways.

He was a speaker, an educator, an invaluable life coach. He encouraged people to be the best that they can be.  

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YSV the Root of All Evil said...

Rav Shulman zl tried very hard to help kids with no yeshiva. But the evil fraudsters running Monsey mosdos, beroisham Yeshiva of Spring Valley, ignored him. What else is new?