Thursday, November 24, 2022

Fishel Sherman of Boro Park re-arrested for sexually abusing minors



Anonymous said...

When Fishel got married, his shver was an old senile man who couldn't investigate him.

One of Fishel's brothers is the singer Meir Sherman. Another brother married the daughter of the controversial St Louis rosh yeshiva, Kleiman. The Shermans are a bunch of "Bobover" Tuna Beigels.

LES AYM said...

What's controversal about Rabbi Kleiman?

Let them eat cake? said...

In 1853 book Ange Pitou, Alexandre Dumas attributes the quote to one of arrogant & much despised French Queen Marie Antoinette's nunter, the Duchess of Polignac. "Cake" was commonly used to describe burnt, blackened dough that built up on the bottom of communal ovens used by the many poor. "Let them eat cake" suggested the poor should consume the burnt, black, often moldy dough scrapings from the ovens.

Why is no one raising the alarm that Yiddishe grocers are robbing from the oylam while hiding behind inflationary pressure? Whatever inflationary hikes are seen in national chain supermarkets are being doubled & tripled by unzerre grocers - on the same items - because they are taking obscene advantage! This is a form of fraud and there are halachos against it!

Egglands Best eggs go up to $5 in the chains. There is no legit reason why unzerre are now charging $8!

A very bakante heimishe supermarket is selling a 5 lb raw beef roast this week for $131! And a not large sourdough bread for $15. Does their greed have any bounds?

Anonymous said...

They should start having charts comparing unzere prices vs their prices

Anonymous said...

They should do a "Babbitt-job" on him and all other perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

The non-heimish distributors work on a 7-8% markup, and the heimish thieves work on a 25-40% m depending on the area; WHY?

They said it because the frimmer suckers are willing to be raped by the Heimish hashgochas and companies.

We must strike and only buy OU.

Anonymous said...

Kleiman, whose father was a Modern Orthodox shul rabbi in Midtown Manhattan, dropped out of RJJ & became ball boy of the NY Knicks. He came back on the derech & started learning again but was the most vilda guy in Mirrer yeshiva after Meir Kahane. They both HATED each other & would scream at each other whenever crossing paths for decades after leaving the Mir.

He made the mistake of going to St Louis even after Rav Faivelson warned him the place is full of anti-Torah agigtators who will make his life a living Hell. He seemed to enjoy the fights. Despite his divorce from R' Sholom Shechter's sister, he was a charmer who had all the goyish millionaires & billionaires running to his annual dinner, including August A. Busch III of Anheuser-Busch. He started raising a lot of eyebrows when galochim started coming too.

He got into a fight with a Philly boy Goldberg. Kleiman's chassidim threw him outside on the street. Because he owed Goldberg money, R' Elya Svei engineered a cherem on Kleiman. R' Moshe, R' Nosson & the alter Debreciner were ashamed that anyone should see a rosh yeshiva in cherem so they forced both Kleiman to pay up & R' Elya to rescind the cherem.

There were all kinds of fraudulent shenanigans that led the St Louis yeshiva collapsing. Kleiman ran away as a wanted deadbeat to the UK where he got a new lease on life from a British billionaire. He came to Lakewood to recruit. Only the wild Indian type would even give him the time of day. When the roshei yeshiva found out he was there they had him thrown out. He eventually had a falling out with the billionaire & had to leave the UK too.