Monday, November 21, 2022

Italian PM Destroys the Hypocritical French



Anonymous said...

It doesn’t exactly work the way she yells it. Reality is a lot different. Her BS about gold mines and Burkina Faso benefits being transferred to France needs to be investigated. It might have been true maybe 40 or 50 years ago. Not today.

In any case, the CFA currency was made to unite the various economies in West African states (just like the dollar across the US and the €uro across Europe).

Now you can abolish the CFA currency tomorrow if you like, and let every African state deal with that. But then don’t come and complain about the wars, the massacres and the rivers of blood that will inevitably follow.

Anonymous said...

"reality" is not different. You missed her point entirely. A country like France that exploits little children while at the same time pushing Africans into Europe is hypocritical. The fact that leaving Afrika to its own governments would cause" rivers of blood and massacres" does not change the facts and the even though tht may very well happen should not be anyone's business. The Afrikan countries are not interested in democracy, let them exploit their own people.

Anonymous said...

To: 1:30 PM
You've clearly never been to Africa. I've been there dozens of times. It's a long time since France left the continent. France only keep running some schools, universities and hospitals, that’s all.
But since at least 30 years, the ones who are deeply corrupting the African leaders and literally stealing all the African ressources (and we talk here about something 100.000 times larger than just a gold mine in Burkina) are the Americans (minerals for Apple, HP, IBM ecc.), the Chinese, the Koreans and the Saudis mainly for oil, cereals, huge sea ressources and all types of minerals, uranium ecc.

Giorgia Meloni is not that stupid, she knows who she wants to manipulate, and in which direction.

Anonymous said...

Best comment :
"The vast majority of the gold mined in Burkina Faso is mined by Western companies who don’t use child labor and France only accounts for ~8% of the country’s gold exports.
Would politely suggest we might consider this lady to be just another politician who lies to gain power."

Now let’s talk about the thousands of African slaves who work in the most horrific conditions in all the italian "fashion" factories IN ITALY TODAY !