Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Rabbi Shimon Yitzchak Schlesinger Senior Member of the Badatz beaten this morning at his home on Tzfania Street in Jerusalem by Chareidim

 Shock to Chareide community after one of the senior rabbis and a member of the Badatz Gaon Rabbi Shimon Yitzchak Schlesinger was beaten this morning at his home on Tzfania Street in Jerusalem.

The Gaon Rabbi Shimon Yitzchak Schlesinger is one of the most prominent disciples of the Gavaad of the ultra-Orthodox community HaGrit Weiss z"l, who was appointed by him to serve as the Chief Rabbi 17 years ago, and since then he has become one of the most prominent rabbis in Jerusalem.

A Chareidie man who introduced himself as someone who wanted to ask the Dayan a halachic question was brought into his house, but a few seconds later he slapped the Dayan in the face and fled the scene.

In a conversation with Kikar HaShabbos, a source in the ultra-Orthodox community claims his family members believe that the background to this story is the Dayan's refusal to surrender to extremist elements that have been waging a stubborn struggle in recent weeks against the donation devices, devices that allow credit card users to donate  and these devices work on the internet. 

 According to the Official of Israel, Schlesinger even spoke on the issue and said that he does not understand why there are those who are opposed to this. A statement that led extremist elements in the ultra-Orthodox community to speak out against him.

It should be noted that the same extremists even started a struggle against the kashrut supervisors of the ultra-Orthodox community, claiming that there is no justification for the supervisors to use smartphones, that  the rabbis of the ultra-Orthodox community ruled that kashrut supervisors are allowed to have a protected device, but in secret.


Anonymous said...

Some of those daily holy zedakah mezakim (they are mezakeh us with 'Genuine' Zedaka) are from this faction. This is not a reason not to support their weddings etc. But its nice to know who they are.

La Kosher Nostra said...


R' Shraga Feivel Zimmerman slams Kedassia gangsters attacking those who suspect Chaim Halpern regarding the kolos that keep emerging

Frum but normaL said...

At the end, Rat's always turn on each other and devour themselves.
Let's wish HATZLACHA RABBAH for both sides.