Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Segregation would endanger religious women in Israel





Anonymous said...

This started decades ago when extremists were throwing rocks at carrs on Shabbos. "Savages!" we said. They need to be stopped. Oh no, we were told. It's not that they're savages but they love Shabbos SO MUCH they can't emotionally handle seeing people breaking it and this is how they react. It's the fault of the seculars! So instead of organizing vigilante gangs, looking for these guys and beating the tar out of them, we put up with it.
Then it moved to women. Whores! Sluts! The Taliban know how to handle their women! We're a disgrace next to them! And we said "Savages!" And again we got an explanation. It's just that their "yedushah sensitivity" is so high that even minimal slips in Torah-true modesty set them off. We're just insensitivity to it because we're not on as holy a level. And again, instead of organizing a bunch of guys with crowbars to put these animals in their place, we sit back and act as if this is actual Judaism and we're just on a lower level.

Anonymous said...

The first falsehood is how she claims to live in the epicenter of Jewish extremism, which she doesn't. Then she continues from there.

Cohen Y said...

Have she has she and her cronies ever taken a stand on those to the left of her? Those who are more insensitive to modesty? If they would may be they would be given a bit more consideration

Hussain Obama said...

I am a neighbor of hers here in Beit Shemesh, and she is spot on. We are actually in the "epicenter of Jewish extremism" Just a few blocks from where we live a Frum Jewish Soldier in uniform was almost murdered by Chareidim, if we dont not stop this now, we are doomed. Thank G-d for this author.

Cohen Y
We don't need to take a "stand to those on the left" we need to clean out own houses first. We need to address frum people in our own neighborhoods who act like the Arabs.

Anonymous said...

What would in your opinion be "epicenter of Jewish extremism?" Where? Meah Shearim? Well parts of Bet Shemesh are far worse.

Dusiznies said...

She is not exaggerating at all, in fact it's a lot worse,
. See my new post

Cohen Y said...

Classic whataboutism

And it is not how Judaism proclaims to work either, all proofs you Will cook up notwithstanding

And while it is a tough neighborhood undoubtedly,if you give constructive uses to their goals as opposed to fighting them forever on every inch due to your or her
antithetical agendae (which horror of horrors means sacrificing some postmodern Western saturated feminism re-defined as Orthodox Judaism)
who knows maybe we could collectively head somewhere positive together

Anonymous said...

You don't get them, if you did, you would understand that you cannot negotiate with them, they are uncivilized and barbaric. They, like the Arabs, only understand "might". Their "goals" have nothing to do with our Torah Hakdosha, we will never "collectively head somewhere positive together" they are the dregs of society, they and the left must be defeated.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you can't force segregation at events and only if everyone wants? So at every chareidi event you will have a few chochmat Nashim and a few women of the wall the same way this women sent her daughter to sit in the front of the bus. And ruin all celebrations.