Thursday, November 17, 2022

Schumer to Grant Amnesty to Millions of Illegals to Replace Vanishing U.S. Population


In a chilling video, Senator Chuck Schumer  admitted that he wants to give amnesty to 11 million illegals, because the US population is not “reproducing on its own. ”

In other words, Schumer is replacing the traditional American family with illegals (who will no doubt become Democrat voters).

It is not a stretch to believe that this has been the Democrat game plan all along: Encourage Americans to abort babies and not have families, and then use the “population shortage” as a pretext to encourage more illegal migrants.

The shocking comments were made during a press conference near the Capitol on Wednesday, in which Schumer, Senator Dick Durbin and other Democrat lawmakers discussed planned DACA Legislation.

This is what happens when Democrats win an election after two years of radical leftist policies, and are not rebuffed by voters. They feel empowered to do things even more radical.

See the entire press conference here.


Anonymous said...

Not producing like when Chuck the Schmuck encouraged his own daughter to "marry" a lesbian.

Anonymous said...

Feel it is the right thing to do .
These are generally good people,
They are here already , so you have to legitimize and integrate them.
It is not at all clear , that they will
stay Democrats , as they succeed,
they get enlightened, and vote their
conscious , as they feel and decide, just like all the others.

Frum but normal said...

This filthy TREASONOUS America hating Marxist DemonRat, should be hanging from the gallows, for the crime of high treason.
Together with that demented zombie taking up space in the White House

Anonymous said...

> It is not a stretch to believe that this has been the Democrat game plan all along

You're giving the Dem's way too much credit.
Lots of countries are doing this. Canada, for example, plans to increase immigration totals to 500 000 a year (equivalent for America would be 5 million). It's not about abortions. It's about low fertility. Women just aren't having babies anymore, either using abortion (uncommon) or birth control (extremely common). But we still need young workers to prop up the economy.

Anonymous said...

He means not producing Dem voters

Sabra65 said...

And legalizing gay marriages does not cause less kids to be born? Schumer is not our friend, no matter how much Gelt he and his fellow democraps give to satmar and skver.