Monday, November 28, 2022

Woke City Council Set to Prohibit Criminal Background Checks for Tenants


The New York City Council is preparing to vote on a bill which would make it illegal for landlords to conduct criminal background checks on prospective tenants – even convicted murderers.

According to the NY Post, the woke council is likely to pass the radical piece of legislation. At least 30 of 51 members have agreed to support the “Fair Chance for Housing Act,” which is scheduled to have its first hearing on Dec. 8.

And Mayor Eric Adams appears more than willing to sign it into law, should the bill pass, in the name of equality.

“No one should be denied housing because they were once engaged with the criminal justice system, plain and simple,” Adams’ spokesman Charles Lutvack told the paper. (It appears that the phrase “engaged with the criminal justice system” is another way of saying ‘convicted of murder and other violent crimes’.)

Jewish Brooklyn Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, one of the lone voices of reason in the leftist council, posted a video calling on New Yorkers to demand their local representatives reject the bill because “the safety of your families … is at stake.”

“What’s on the menu this Thanksgiving?” she said in a post. “A bill which would prohibit landlords from conducting criminal background checks of potential tenants. Murdered someone? Beat up your girlfriend? Robbed? Stabbed your neighbor? No problem. Come live among us! Tell the @NYCCouncil to vote NO!”

Council Majority Leader Keith Powers posted a (silly) reply on Twitter, saying Thanksgiving “is supposed to be a day of gratitude, not attacking. We don’t believe in second chances anymore?”

Needless to say, the bill would impact many landlords throughout the city. The bill doesn’t affect New York City Housing Authority complexes, which are under federal law, as well as two-family homes, or homeowners renting out single rooms.

Councilwoman Vernikov sent an email to voters saying:

The New York City Council is pushing forward a bill (Intro 632) which will prohibit property owners from running criminal background checks on potential tenants. This will allow individuals with violent criminal histories and long rap sheets to live next door to you and your families. We are urging all of you to send a message to your Councilmember and ask them to vote NO on Intro 632, as well as sign up to testify at the committee hearing on December 8.


Anonymous said...

Okay, counter argument - you did the crime, you did the time. By denying you opportunities based on past behaviour, you are now still being punished which is above and beyond the punishment prescribed by the state. Also, if you are truly remorseful, it slams the door in your face as you try to avoid falling back into the same old patterns.

JG said...

You say that a landlord may do a credit check on a prospective tenant, but not a check for past criminality.
Makes NYC sense, sorta.