Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Extremist Chareidim Now take Taxis to "terrorize" New Beit Shemesh Neighborhoods


Beit Shemesh is growing faster than a cat on a mouse B"H! 
There is a brand-new neighborhood called Beit Shemesh Daled, and that will be the largest neighborhood in Beit Shemesh after its completion.. 
The people moving in there come from all backgrounds, Chassidish, Yeshivash,  Dati Leumi, Teaneck and Five Town types etc. 

The Chareidim Extremists want the entire neighborhood, to be like their sick bizarre community. So, they decided to bring Chassidishe hoodlums from outside the neighborhoods to terrorize the residents to force them to either move out or prevent others from moving in.
In the above clip you can see them running into cabs after terrorizing and causing bedlam in the neighborhood.
BTW this goes on every single night. 

*בית שמש חדשות*

*תיעוד מקומם: בסיום הפרובוקציה מוניות אוספות את הקיצונים לביתם מחוץ לשכונה*

אמש בסיום 'תהלוכת הצניעות' ופרובקצית הקיצונים שנערכה ברמת בית שמש ד', מספר מוניות אספו את הקיצונים לעבר ביתם הנמצא - מחוץ לשכונה.

העבודה כי הקיצונים שכלל לא מתגוררים בשכונה ומגיעים לעיתים תכופות בכדי להלהיט את הרחות, להאבק ולנסות להשפיע על צביון השכונה, מקוממת את כלל תושביה החרדים של השכונה המפנים אצבע מאשימה למשטרה, בעוד שחלקם יוצאים בעצמם להאבק בתופעה.


Anonymous said...

I would think the mayor of beit sheesh would do something to stop this.

Prof Ryesky said...

Anonymous 6:46,

Mayors have no control over the Israel Police, they can only give suggestions. And the Israel Police do not have the baytzim to stand up to the blackhat terrorists in Beit Sheemush.

Aless abee mattir zein said...

"Bernard" (Berish) Fuchs was the major financial underwriter for Belsky's outrages like the infamous fake "bittul" kiddushin. This long time criminal was first arrested by Federal agents in 1972 & was more recently behind the Platinum ponzi scheme. You don't even want to know what kind of evidence his first wife brought to beis din about him.

New York’s top prosecutor accused the owners of a Rochester-area nursing home of stealing $18.6 million in government funds as residents at the understaffed facility suffered years of neglect, culminating in preventable COVID-19 deaths.

workers and residents at the facility faced unhealthy and unsafe conditions, James said during a briefing in Buffalo, detailing complaints of residents being riddled with bed sores, malnourished, and left unattended for hours in soiled diapers.

“Residents were neglected and routinely subjected to inhumane treatment," James said, calling the conditions the worst she has seen.

The Villages nursing home, which has 120 beds, was sold by Orleans County in 2015 to an entity affiliated with Bernard (Berish) Fuchs.

James’ lawsuit was filed against Fuchs, as well as his son and daughter-in-law Gerald (Gadi) and Tova Fuchs, and his sons-in-law Joel Edelstein and Israel Freund.

Other defendants included so-called undisclosed owners of the facility, including David Gast, Sam Halper, and Ephram Lahasky (neighbor of Berish). Others in that "owners" group included Benjamin Landa and his son-in-law Joshua Farkovits; and Teresa Lichtschein and her daughter-in-law Debbie Korngut.

Residents were forced to sit in their own urine and feces for hours. They suffered malnourishment and dehydration, while developing sepsis, gangrene, and other infections due to gaping bed sores and inadequate wound care

Circle said...

Set up your own neighborhood watch!

Anonymous said...

Define "Chassidish"

Anonymous said...

That does not seem like a good system. Mayors, I would think would be more motivated to protect their town, they should at least some say to direct the police activity in their town.

Anonymous said...

All I see is Chareidim getting into cabs