Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Chareidim Egged on by Rabbi Zvi Meir Zilberberg Now Destroy "Donation Devices" in Shuls in Beit Shemesh & Yerushalyim


Army... collect these sick "leideguyers" and send them to serve our country in the IDF! 

In other extremist action against technological devices, the Nedarim plus donation devices which are installed in hundreds of shuls in Israel have recently been targeted and broken by Chareidim. 

In a fiery speech at a rally against technology a few weeks ago, Rabbi Zvi Meir Zilberberg spoke out against the devices, claiming that they can easily be hacked and used for internet.

 In the wake of his speech some Chareidim went round a number of shuls and smashed the devices. 


Zaakas Sdoim vDemocrats said...


Anonymous said...

Rabbi Zilberberg didn't say that they should destroy the devices.

Thomas said...

Why does the video cover their faces?

Pope's Son said...

DIN covers faces because he doesn't want a lawsuit

Anonymous said...

So retarded. People need to throw out these retards like Zilberberg and all the other anti-tech meshiguim and just realize that technology is neither good nor evil, though on the whole it seems to be a net positive.