Monday, November 7, 2022

If You Have 240,000 Shkalim You Can Buy the Belzer Rebbe's Car

The ad reads that the car has special "segulois"

Question: If the car has indeed "segilois" why is the Rebbe selling it?


Anonymous said...

Because you can buy many more cars with segulos for 240K and help more people. It's like a pyramid.

Anonymous said...

If this isn't cultish behaviour then what is?
Rebbe Worship? Really? Is this how Hashem sees his people?
Next thing is they'll be calling one the Moshiach!!!!
...............Oh wait...

These are adults being led by a Supreme Leader- who acts like an emperor.
Some yiddishkeit.

Anonymous said...

With this car you can drive right up to Kotel, open the window put a kvital in the wall and go home without getting out of the heiligeh voogin.

na said...

its not the Rebbe's fault that we are SHOITIM and fall for this scam.

they will stopselling their luxury cars to us when we stop buying into this avodah zara

the Gemara aleardy says: "lav achbera ganev, chore ganev"