Sunday, November 27, 2022

Non-Jewish Nanny Influencer Is normalizing Frum Jews


Good babysitters let the kids stay up extra late and play fun games.
Extraordinary babysitters become ambassadors for the Jewish people, using their platform to amplify the beauty of a Torah way of life.

Enter Adriana Fernandez, known by her Instagram handle @nonjewishnanny. Singer by night and sitter by day, Adriana has made a name for herself in Boca Raton’s Orthodox Jewish community, and even wider ripple effects on these video-based social platforms.

With three years of babysitting experience in the community, she has learned so much — from tzniut (modest) clothing and covering hair with wigs to the details of Shabbat and the holidays. She has taken that information, appreciation, joy, and fun to the masses with her delightful videos.

With her bubbly personality, it’s evident how accepting and easygoing Adriana is; that sense of fun only grows when she interacts with the children. That positivity extends to what she speaks out on regarding the Jewish community.

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