Thursday, November 10, 2022

Satmar Rebbe (The Iran Deal Lover) Says Many Jews Brainwashed By Trumpism while he himself was brainwashed by Obama


This is the rebbe who fawned over Obama and the Iran Deal, 

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 4 hours ago

Meanwhile KJ doesn’t have to worry about subways and us nerds walking the 5 borough streets at night.

ah yid
 5 hours ago

I agree with the rebbe about the Trumpism, However is he accusing Rav Riesman and all the mosdos hatorah of supporting. Zelden because of Trumpisim?. The rebbe should just say the real reason they supported Houhcal and Maloney because of their water project. and like I said last week Satmar like it or not is the face of the chasidishe mosdos and by supporting Houchal against the other mosdos makes their argument against the SED very weak now.

 7 hours ago

More from Rav Avigdor Miller,

“We should vote for the one who appears to us to be the most conservative. Now, I can’t tell you who that is. But there’s no question that the conservatives of today are extremely more liberal than the liberals of thirty years ago. We have already advanced so far beyond the borders of liberalism, that today we can afford to retreat many miles behind these boundries and still remain in the forefront of liberalism. And therefore, today there’s no such thing as too much conservatism. You have to vote for conservative candidates on every level – on national, state and city levels.”

 Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, one of just two Chasidic rabbis to endorse Governor Kathy Hochul’s election campaign, wasted no time making a public statement today, denouncing the Jewish community for its nearly universal support of her opponent, as crazed “Trumpists.”

A seven and a half minute audio clip making the rounds on social media today featured the leader of one of the two factions of Satmar discussing Election Day win during a lecture on Psalms held this morning in Kiryas Joel.

Addressing participants, Rabbi Teitelbaum shared that someone told him this morning that he had won the election, but that that sentiment was far from the case. Instead, the Satmar grand rabbi explained, he had merely been relying on common sense to find a way to protect New York’s yeshivas from the latest round of secular education requirements.

Rabbi Teitelbaum took a dim view of some in the Jewish community, disparaging them as crazed followers of former President Donald Trump.

Continuing in a similar vein, Rabbi Teitelbaum also alluded that those Trumpster’s are WhatsApper’s.

Signs that were posted in Kiryas Joel made their way onto Twitter today, thanking the village for delivering its bloc vote to Hochul and Arutz Sheva ( reported that Hochul called the Satmar Rebbe’s wife this morning to thank her for the community’s support.


Romanisher Ferd said...

It bugs him that Trump is a Tzioni.

Frum but normal said...

Who is interested what this guy has to say, this Israel and Jew hater is as relevant as a drunken bum stoned out of his mind passed out on one of the gutters in NYC.
Calling this vile creature a "REBBE" is an insult to all real Rebbe's.
KAPO would be a much more appropriate and deserving name for this creature.

Hmmmm said...

Who fed him that line? Friedlander?

What about the other side? said...

How about criticizing his fellow Hasids brainwashed by Democratism?