Saturday, November 12, 2022

Ezra "Kapo" Friedlander Praises Satmar Rebbe For Voting Against Torah Values!



 Ezra who backed Obama and "fat nadler" in their "Iran Deal" vote and who ran around like a poisoned rat to get Sadat, the murderer of over 2,000 Jewish IDF soldiers a Congressional Medal of honor, is now praising the perfidy of the Monroe Satmar Rebbe, R' Aaron Teitelbaum, for abandoning Torah Values and voting for the  shiksa Hochul. Hochul is totally ineffectual. Why would any sane person vote for certain decline in their city and state, unless they were promised payback.

Ezra in his arrogance and sheer chutzpa, tweets, that the Satmar Rebbe had "far sighted and forward looking decision" for making his decision. Ezra adds that the "rebbe shlita truly understood what is the best interests of the ENTIRE community and NOT just his own." 

This is an unmitigated lie as the Satmar Rebbe was promised to be forgiven millions of dollars for his water pipeline in Monroe in exchange for his endorsement. The Rebbe had only his interest in mind and dragged his brother-in-law the Skverer Rebbe into his den of selfishness. 

We all remember when the "farsighted & forward looking" R' Aron asked his naive sheep to write letters to congressmen to support the murderous "Iran Deal" against Israel. Did the rebbe have the "best interests of the ENTIRE community" all the 6.8 million Jews living Israel in mind or did he only care about the outdated and irrelevant shitah?   Ezra the"kapo" also supported this initiative against Israel.

There is something to be said when the ENTIRE frum community voted for Zeldin except for these two brother-in laws. 

Let's watch what the shiksa, loved by this rebbe, does now about crime etc. 

Hope I am proven wrong, but I don't see any hope for New York !


new Friedlander Groop scam said...

Liska tuches lekker Pincus Ezra phony new business venture. Promoting a new gold coin to honor Golda Meir.

When are they putting up a big picture of Golda in Liska shtiebel B.P.?

פריעדלענדער ליסקא חוצפה said...

A shandeh!

Freed Lander is promoting a gold coin for Golda Meir, while for Shimon Peres he promoted a gold medal.

He is mevazeh Golda Meir, the Milwaukee Rebbetzin.

ליסקא ציוניסטישע קאמיטעט said...

מען דארף שטיצען ציונות פאר געלט. געלט, געלט, געלט

Liska gospel bentching alert said...

וואס טוט ער נישט פאר געלט? said...

Friedlander is going according to his own mesorah, that he created, like when he endorsed and worked for toeivah Christine Quinn, when he invited her to a seder in B.P.

Anonymous said...

look at the end of the day no one works for free. we find that tannaim gave tzedaka to mipnei darkei sholom see B.B. 8a (BT). so yes his activities can be somewhat laughable, but someone needs to chanfin in order for yidden to shluf ruig...lmaase ask yourself what you did ltovas hklal

Enough is enough said...

Giving tzedaka mipnei darkei shalom is not the same as chanifa.

The gemara tell us about כת חנפים שאינו רואה פני השכינה. If you are easily moreh heter, Chazal looked at it very seriously. See Rabbeinu Yonah in Shaarei Teshuvah about different types of chanofim.