Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Yisroel Feldman From Williamsburg Buys Homes In Frum Areas of Monsey and Stacks them with Goyim


Yisroel and his "eishas chayil" Leah Feldman who live in Williamsburg, came up with a great plan on how to make a lot of money. 

Buy homes in Frum neighborhoods in Monsey and New Hempstead and rent them out to goyim and "the hell with the neighborhood." 

Williamsburg the city of "chessed" doesn't care about the mitzvah of 

ואהבת לרעך כמוך

and doesn't care if this would disrupt the peaceful Shabbos in exclusive frum neighborhoods as its only כסף יענה את הכול  In other words "it's all about the Benjamins" 

The Williamsburg residents are ראש וראשון in protesting Chillul Shabbos in Israel and scream "Shabbos Shabbos" but when it comes to preserve Shabbos for their brothers and sisters living in Monsey, it doesn't apply! 

The Felmans are stacking multiple families into these homes to get the maximum rent!

זו בושה וזו חרפה 


Anonymous said...

He is a skverer and is just following the Skvere daar toireh. The psak from the Skvereh bais din that no jew is allowed to move in within a mile radius of skver.
If you don't like the psak your a apikores in skverer eyes but who cares who does or thinks whatever.

Anonymous said...

Where did you pick up this piece? Why badmouth the whole Williamsburg because one person, besides the point that it's minimum 50k to rent it to a Hemish family

Greedy Real Estate Agent said...

Under his name & his wife's apparent maiden name Lea Spitzer, they bought 1 house in New Hempstead & 1 in New City.

Not exactly a real estate mogul.

Anonymous said...

So when goyim don’t want Jews moving into a neighbourhood it’s anti-Semitic but you have a problem with someone renting homes that they own to non-Jews??? This is America, anybody can rent anywhere.

Dusiznies said...

What's the difference on how "I picked up on this piece?"
Who is bad mouthing Williamsburg? It's important for people to know That it is Yisrael and Lea Feldman from Williamsburg and not a Yisrael Feldman from Japan.
Yes exactly, when "goyim don't want Jews moving into a neighborhood" it's in fact antisemitic, absolutely, there are approx 332 million goyim living in the USA.
My problem is that a chassidishe Jew that should know better, living in Williamsburg, buys homes smack in the middle of frum Jewish neighborhoods in Monsey, families with little children running around, and stacks them with Latinos who party on Shabbos and come and go all times of the night is a dangerous precedent and must be stopped. Let him buy apartments in his Williamsburg home and put in Purta Ricans, it's a far better investment, and his neighbors will love him for that.

Anonymous said...

It’s probably on his block