Friday, December 14, 2012

London Charedi Rabbis endorse Alleged Sex Abuser

the "tzaddik" R' Chaim Halpern

by Failed Messiah

Rabbi Chaim Halpern allegedly sexually abused several women he was counselling, some of who mustered up the courage to complain to the haredi rabbis who head Kedassia, the umbrella organization of primarily hasidic haredi rabbis.
Kedassia tried to cover up Halpern's crimes, but eventually brokered an agreement with him that saw him resigning from the beit din, religious court, he sat on and from other public leadership roles.
Those resignations were thought by many to be temporary, a fig leaf to stop the complaining women from cooperating with police.
Halpern was allowed to continue to run the synagogue and study hall located in the building where he lives, as well.
That caused a group of Golders Green haredi rabbis to isue their own letter against Halpern saying that Halpern was unfit to be a rabbi.
But hasidm are hasidim, and Kedassia chose to respond to that letter with this disgusting proclamation in support of a man they know to be an abuser.
Here is the letter:

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