Friday, December 21, 2012


Frankfurter the "Tuchis Leker"

Ami editor Yitzy Frankfurter, the Satmar panderer and "Tuchis Leker," is running a bio on the pedophile defender George A. Farkas in this weeks edition of Ami.
Yitzy compares himself to the Chasam Sofer Z"L who "fearlessly battled the heretics of his days." 
And compares the ones who are defending the 12 year old victim that was raped and tortured by the fiend Weberman to "heretics."
He then goes on in his sick editorial to relate a story that never happened:

"Rabbi Hertz Frankel once shared with me that he had accompanied the Beirach Moshe when he went to be menachem avel the Satmar Rebbetzin, after the passing of the Satmar Rebbe z"l. The Beirach Moshe told the Rebbetzin then that he always marveled at how calm the Rebbe was during a mass protest, and showed no fear that someone might try to strike at him because of his strong views."

First of all this story could not have happened because everyone including the "dope" Frankfurter knows that the Rebbetzin despised the Beirach Moshe and would never had engaged in any conversation with her arch nemesis, no less than at his shivah.
 Just a small secret  to your ignorant readers, the Rebbitzin actually started her own following.
Second of all,  are you telling your naive readers that the Beirach Moshe could find  no other praise of R' Yoilish z"l but that R' Yoilish  remained "calm" at a mass protest..and this discussion took place at a "Nicham Aveilim of R' Yoilish?
Third of all, anyone who attended any of these protests knows very well that every time the Rebbe z"l showed up at a protest he was surrounded by a bunch of Romanian goons and Hungarian hooligans.
And why would any body want to strike him? His protests were irrelevant then as it is now; The State of Israel is a fact and all of Satmars' bantering opposing the State will not change a thing.
 With this made up story, Frankfurter wants to compare himself to the Satmar Rebbe z"l, WHAT GALL AND CHUTZPAH!!!

This lunatic, Frankfurter, writes:
"I view Ami's mandate as being to defend any beleaguered Jewish community in the world with all our means. I don't recall a recent time when a G-d fearing and law abiding Jewish community was as beleaguered as the Jewish community in Williamsburg is today"
So whose fault is that? When the leader of Satmar  community calls the victim a "zoina" as R' Aron Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe, called her, and calls Weberman the accused, a "tzaddik" what do you expect?

Farkas the losing attorney says:
"I'll tell you this: Abuse is possibly the most reprehensible thing a person can do. The only thing that comes close to it is to be falsely accused of it."
Hellooooooo!  "falsely?" He was found guilty 59 times by his peers!

"They looked for other evidence," "but it didn't make a difference. It was 'he said, she said.' She made a very convincing witness. One of the things we couldn't bring into evidence was that she could learn a completely made-up script and follow it in a matter of a half-hour. We had proof of that. Someone coached her to say certain things and she did."
First of all, Forkosh Batchie, every witness that testifies gets coached and as a former prosecutor you would certainly know that..
and you didn't coach Weberman?
Having said that ... if she followed a "completely made-up script," how did she stand up to an unheard of four days of cross-examination? 
To this gripping question ... the hungarian Farkas answers:
"That's true. In retrospect, maybe it should have been shortened. But that's "farfallen." I don't think it made a difference in the end."
It did make a difference, genius, the jury saw that even after four long days of cross-examination, her story held up!

Frankfurter the Satmar "tuches leker" asks:
"How did the prosecution manage to stop you from presenting your case as you claim?"
"The prosecution was successful in getting the judge to rule that a lot of the evidence we wanted to bring in was off-limits. I can't comment on what that evidence was because it's improper to do so."
Exussssse meeeee! What evidence did you possibly have?
 That the 12 year old child was fooling around? Well Mr. Farkas ...that's an indictment on your client the "chazir" Weberman; taking advantage of a 12 year old child knowing full well that she had problems...
and why can't you "comment" on it now ... isn't the case over?
 Or are you worried of a defamation lawsuit, since you evidence is a bunch of hog-wash and lies...
and even if it were true, how does your "evidence" preclude the fact that he raped her?
 So now any body, even a fat jlub like Weberman, can rape a girl that is fooling around?
What about the victim's evidence that Weberman burned her stomach with a lighter and told her to "apply peanut butter" so that the wound would heal? 
What kind of psycho client are you representing?

Fokosh Batchie then goes after the bloggers:
"Who spread these rumors (that Weberman is a serial rapist and a sadist) and innuendos? Bloggers. In a case of such importance, my feeling is that if you want to tell your story, come forward and tell it in court! If you are too afraid, don't tell it to bloggers. "
So now the bloggers are to blame that Weberman burns his victims' stomachs to satisfy his sadistic tendencies. He wants victims who are terrified to testify against monsters like Weberman not to leak this to bloggers? Get it? I don't!
"if you're talking about a guy who's been doing this to his therapy patients for who knows how long. I would expect an army of victims to come forward, as happened with other cases. It's a pattern. I'd expect to see something physical, something on his computer, some proof that he's a monster, and it's not there."
It's not there? Didn't you walk the courtroom halls yourself and saw with your own cursed eyes other victims? Women tortured and raped by Weberman who were terrified to testify, but came to give the victim support?
 Some were now married and had children and didn't want their children thrown out of the community... 
you liar!
You know good and well that this case was different because Weberman the Chazir was a powerful man in the community and his victims were afraid....

More later, I have to throw up first! Watch this column I'll comment during the week.......


Anonymous said...

You sound pretty pist... Sorry
I know he was found guilty, but I don't think he deserved what he got, I am not sure if the story is true or not, but he is a kapura for all other chazeriim...
I hope he wins the appeal

Anonymous said...

A kapara? He is a convicted child rapist. All of the child rapist's sympathisers need the wool pulled from their eyes. They are living in darkness. This type of abuse, weather it is girls or boys that are being abused must come to light. STOP THe COVER UP!! You are hurting the community as a whole when you deny that this illness exists.

Uncle Shimmy said...

My compliments to DIN for treating Frankfurter to all the contempt he deserves along with Farkas Bacci. I hear the prostitutes in Brooklyn will organize a protest because they object to being lumped together in public opinion with Farkas. He gives the word whore a bad reputation.

I am glad you wrote this piece. I was so amazed at the stupidity of the Ami article that I refused to dignify it with a response. I am glad you did the job on it it deserves.

The Hedyot said...

The full article can be read here.

Anonymous said...

Casey Anthony
OJ Simpson
How much more innocents will have to be locked up and Guilty ones go free until you'll get it that justice in the US nothing more then a stink bomb.

A couple of points.

A. Satmar rebbe passed away and it was a fact that his nephew would take over. If SHE liked it or not. And she made peace w t fact. They had regular courtesy visits. She supported his enemies as well but she actually supported his kehila . just go around and look on the damm signs on buildings built after 1979.

B. Reb Aron never called anybody anything. It was a general term from a sentence in the parsha that it is used -for centuries- to decry the smear campaign against klal yisruel. Something that was on vivid display in this trial. The community s supossed burial of cases.
And *whore* resembles that.

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 6:24
A. It's true that the Beirach Moshe z"l was the heir, we all know that, but the Rebbittezin (I admired her alot) did not make peace with that..... she encouraged her followers to bring her he kvitlach and she would bring it to the Bais Hachayim, she also encouraged a break-away that exists to this very day..

B. Again, it's true that Reb Aron never actually called her anything, but when he said that Weberman was innocent and added that pasuk, it was implied....otherwise his quoting that pasuk would make absolutely no sense...
What was a "vivid display in this trial" was that a big fat jlub raped and sadistically had his way with her, ..dont forget she was not on trial, eventhough Forkosh Bochhie tried to smear her...
and it makes no difference what her past was....
even assuming what you are implying that she was a "zoineh" ...does that give him a right to rape her as a 12 year old child?

aries2756 said...

Firstly, I want to thank you for bringing the truth about Ami magazine to light. From now on I will boycott it even if I have to spend my money on reading material such as People magazine. I would much rather read their shmutz than this shmutz!!

Secondly, Farkas is a big liar as he proved in court. He did nothing but help the DA prove their case and make Webershmutz look more of a fool and a villain than he already was. He did nothing to defend him in his attempt at accusing and putting the victim on trial. He is doing his utmost to backpeddle and undo the damage that he himself created for his own reputation and that of his client.

HE himself confirmed that Webershmutz was oiver both Yichud and Mesira in court. Yes HE himself established those two very important issues all by himself without any help from the DA. That in itself proved that his client had no Cheskas Kashrus, the rest was downhill from there.

Anyone who has the utter Chutzpa to keep defending this piece of shmutz after his own defense attorneys established that he didn't give a hoot about his own very stringent laws about Yichud and Moiser, a man who portrays himself to be Choshuv, prominent, respectable and at a madreigah where he can counsel others, are all a bunch of hypocrites!!! Anyone who does NOT follow halacha can no more counsel another in Yiddishkeit than a ganuf can be trusted with your jewels.

The nonsense coming out now that Webershmutz did NOT run the charity organization that he admitted he ran, that he admitted he used to pay his kid's tuition, that he admitted he and his wife were the only ones that had access to the credit cards is lunacy. Everything and anyone connected to this guy just keeps weaving lies and more lies around him and the issues. THEY NEED lies and more lies to keep covering the lies and more lies they and he already told. But it is quite obvious that Hashem wants the truth to come out and is allowing the truth to come out.

I only hope that more and more victims will come forward at least for the sentencing and will help the victim and her family speak up before the judge hands down his punishment. In my humble opinion, he should spend time in jail for each and every violation on this young girl's innocence and her body. He should serve time for every single victim he hurt, but since only this one victim came forward he should serve time for every single day he torture her. If he served one year for every day that he tortured her, I believe that would be fair.

soso said...

"My father was orthodox. His funeral was at ... . A lot of my Satmar, lubavitch and Pupa friends came. I represented a lot of those guys"..

doesn't this say everything???

"there were cases that were made to go away because I had evidence to show the DA, proving that it was lies. That has happened, but it didn't happen here"

read: in the past, we were successful in intimidating and besmirching victims. In this case, we tried, but we were not successful. Or read: in this case there was no evidence in favor of the defendent...

Anonymous said...

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