Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Clueless Satmar Rebbe attacks Netanyahu's "involvement" in US elections

The clueless Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum addresses the crowd at a gathering for Satmar Hasidic Jews in New York December 4, 2012. Thousands attended the New York State Armory in Williamsburg to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the rescue of their founder, Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, from the clutches of the Nazis at the mass gathering. They  never thank the Zionist ,(who was the actual messenger from G-D) that saved him.

In his annual keynote main address to his followers, the Satmar Grand Rebbe Aaron Teitelbaum delivered a fierce attack against the Prime Minister of Israel for getting involved in the recent American elections.
Not mentioning his name but clearly referring to the “head of the heretical regime” the Rebbe said about the Prime Minister that: “His azut [impudence] has no limit and he does not pay attention to the general rules of diplomacy”
The yearly celebration event commemorating the day the previous Satmar Rebbe – Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum escaped from the Bergen Belsen concentration camp was held Yesterday evening at the New York State Armory in Williamsburg. The event has become the central most important event in the yearly calendar of the Satmar sect of Chasidim and is attended by thousands of participants.
In an arrangement mediated last year by the office of New York State Governor Comuo both Satmar factions headed by the brothers Grand Rebbe Aaron and Grand Rebbe Zalman Leib, the event this year led by Rabbi Aron was held for the first time in Williamsburg with the other factions’ competing event led by Rabbi Zalman Leib held in the Crown Heights Armory. According the agreement, next year the venue for both factions will be swapped, according to a signed agreement between the factions.
Both events were attended by many local politicians and community leaders from many major Jewish organizations who had to shuttle between Crown Heights and Williamsburg, to pay respect and honor both Rebbes. Among the many politicians attending were newly elected Congressman Jeffries, State Senator Eric Adams and Candidate for Mayor Bill Thompson and many others as well. Leaders of many other Chasidic courts including members of the Agudath Israel leadership were feted as honored guests.
The exploding Orthodox Jewish population particularly the Satmars in Brooklyn has generated a fierce battle among political aspirants to gain their votes in local and national elections.
Beside a letter of greetings from the Governor all speeches including that of the Rebbe were delivered in Yiddish.
Rebbe Aaron claimed that considering the previous riots in Crown Heights and the killing of Yakov Rosenbaum the actions of Netanyahu in opposing Obama who is black endangered the lives of Jews.
“We should try a little to imagine if the the result of the election would have been different and the President would have had a downfall in the election and it would have been revealed for the entire world that Jews were involved in the actions that he should lose, what hate for Jews this would have brought forth here in this country.” The Rebbe claimed.
“We can say that the head of the heretics [PM Netanyahu] simply endangered Jewish blood. Klal Yisroel [the Jewish people] have not forgotten the riots in Crown Heights and Reb Yakov Rosenbaum may G-d avenge his blood, To provoke so many goyim [non-Jews] is a limitless danger, besides the politics that is being conducted against all the heads of the nations of the world with impudence and frightening provocations against the nations.”
The Rebbe also criticized Jewish religious leaders for staying silent, “It is a great astonishment on his [Netanyahu’s] religious partners who agree, and go along with him either by their silence and not only by silence they support him with a full mouth.”

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