Sunday, October 7, 2018

'This is not a 'terror attack' - it's an execution'

execution' - the room where 2 were murdered in Barkan
Media personality Shai Golden published a post on Facebook following the deadly shooting attack in Barkan Sunday and the particularly brutal manner in which the murders were carried out.

"When bodies are found handcuffed and shot, this is not a shooting attack, it's an execution" Golden wrote shortly after the shocking details were published.

"It is important to be precise in terms of terminology and not to tell stories about a struggle for Palestinian freedom, occupation, stagnation in diplomatic negotiations and rage against the siege in Gaza."

"It's an act of blind hatred, a cold-blooded murder of civilians, that there is no way in the world to explain it," Golden said.

"We did not get to the Land of Israel from the Diaspora, after all the pogroms, oppression, and the Holocaust, so that Jews would be tied here and shot like dogs ... No, that's not why we ran away from the Diaspora to the Land of Israel."

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