Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Israel Hater Andrew Gillum Running for Governor of Florida Ahead 6 points in Polls

A Quinnipiac University poll Tuesday showed Gillum ahead of Republican opponent Ron DeSantis 52 percent to 46 percent among likely voters, with double-digit leads among women, Hispanics and independents. 

It’s the third such poll in recent days to show Gillum with a clear lead, as his overall edge in public polling widened to its largest level since Oct. 1, according to RealClearPolitics’ aggregation of survey data.

Six Reasons Andrew Gillum is Dangerous for Israel

1 – Gillum called Donald Trump’s historic decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem “unnecessary” and a “provocation” that has “incited more violence.”

2 – Gillum outrageously accused Israel of using Gaza terror rockets to “justify” its “actions” against Palestinians. Gillum further charged that Israel engaged in an “outsized response” against Palestinian threats and claimed alleged Israeli disproportionate “fire power” and “pushback” are the primary causes of regional instability.

3 – Gillum aided the Dream Defenders group that promotes the boycott of Israel and spews anti-Israel conspiracies.

4 – Gillum’s Dream Defenders allies teach kids to glorify a deadly Palestinian terrorist organization.

5 – Gillum encouraged attendees at a CAIR-hosted conference promoting the boycott of Israel.

6 – Gillum graduated an Oakland, California-based training school for progressive revolutionaries that has spawned a list of activists who have gone on to become the who’s who of the far-left leadership world, with many taking senior positions at organizations financed by billionaire George Soros. The group has trained numerous anti-Israel activist leaders and has been a training center for activists with the pro-Palestinian, Soros-funded New Israel Fund, which finances scores of anti-Israel organizations.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not all about Israel.

Dusiznies said...

Are you Jewish ......?
I thought so
You are from Zera Amaleik ....

Frum but normal said...

No he is from Zera Hungarian Jew hating gypsies

Anonymous said...

No, I am not Jewish. What you would likely look down at as a low life goy. Whatever religion people are is fine with me.
My point is this is about Florida. We need to get on top of protecting the environment from the Sugar Cane and golf course fertilizer phosphates feed the green algae blooms, the rising saltwater levels in the aquifer, the overbuilding and the general whole sale corruption that is Florida politics.

So get off your high horse.