Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Teresa Klein Claims Black Boy Sexually Assaulted Her, Then Surveillance Video Released

A New York woman is facing significant backlash after she called 911 on a young boy last week, claiming that he sexually assaulted her, when surveillance video of the incident appears to show that he did not do what she claims he did.
Teresa Klein told police that the boy "grabbed" her "a-s" at a Sahara Deli Market in Brooklyn, Pix11 reported.
Speaking to the local media outlet, Klein still claims that she was sexually assaulted despite surveillance video that was released which does not appear to support her claims.
"I was standing at the counter, and I was sexually assaulted," Klein told Pix11.
Klein claimed that the boy's mother told her she was a police officer despite video footage clearly showing it was Klein who claimed she was a police officer.
"I did not say that, if I did say that I would be surprised," Klein said.
Pix11 added that "despite Klein insisting that she filed a police report on the day in question, officials with the NYPD confirmed to Pix11 that no report pertaining to the incident exists."

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