Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Second Temple-era Hebrew inscription noting "Jerusalem" Discovered

The ancient inscription

Archaeologist Danit Levy of the Israel Antiquities Authority told Arutz Sheva about the moments when she discovered the stone inscription from the Second Temple period (1st century BCE) which notes Jerusalem's name in Hebrew letters in full spelling, as it is written today.

"Towards the end of the working day I was making notes, one of the diggers comes to me and says, 'Come now with a camera, I found something ancient. We found graffiti,'" Levy said.

"I thought I would see red spray and a filthy area. I got to the column and my heart began to pound and almost burst, and everyone around me seemed to hear it. I wanted to take pictures, I took out the cell phone and my hands shook.”
"It is rare to find an inscription, it is rare to find an inscription in Hebrew and it is rare to find the word Jerusalem in full spelling," she emphasized.

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