Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Chassidishe "Oiber Chuchem" Gets Arrested by Hachnoses Sefer Torah in Boro Park (Chutz Le'aaretz)

Isn't this what they call a "mitzvah ha'bah be'aveirah?" This Chassidishe "Choooooochim fin de Ma'Nishtana" made a huge Chillul Hashem openly defying the NYPD .... Some in the crowd confused the NYPD with the Zionist Police and called them "Nazis," thinking they were in Israel.
We live in a Medinah Shel Chessed and all it takes to march in the streets is getting a permit that is issued within 5 minutes! ...... 
But nooooooooooooooooooooooo! "we run this town, even-though we live in chutz le'aaretrz, and we will tell the cops what to do... after all we pay their salaries" 

Der Groiser Macher Kalan Yeger then sticks his huge nose in and tweets (see below) ..... now I know Kalman and I can tell you that he doesn't care two bits about this 'individual" but what  does a politician do not to lose votes, even-though the "individual" was a smart ass and could have avoided the arrest by being polite, Chas Ve'Sholem.

I met earlier with the individual arrested at a Hachnosas Sefer Torah by officers from the 66th Pct. He is now safe at home. I was at the precinct tonight; there are still many unanswered questions about the intensity of the police response to a peaceful community celebration.

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