Monday, October 8, 2018

Shvartzah Goy Tells Satmar Protesters Against Israel “America Needs Jews Just Like You!”

While you guys were taking your children and grandchildren to amusement parks and chilling out on Chol Hamoed, thousands of Satmar families bused their children to the United Nations to support the Iranian murderers. 
Don't anyone tell you that is the "Neturei Karta" .... just watch the videos and you will see that the ones protesting were the run of the mill Satmar Chassidim. 
A schvartzer goy was so impressed that he yelled "America Needs more  Jews Like You.! 

Hundreds of Satmar activists demonstrated outside the United Nations on Thursday, Chol Hamoed Sukkos (September 27) as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to address the world’s leaders.
As they chanted the usual slogans like “Israeli Nazis” and “Israeli government shame on you”, a spectator decided to enthusiastically show his support, chanting to the group “America needs Jews just like you”.
During his speech to the UN, Netanyahu revealed Iran is maintaining a secret nuclear development facility, years after they supposedly ended the program due to an agreement led by then-President Barak Obama.


anonymous said...

Is "murderal" English or Yiddish??

Jesse Jerkson said...

Keep hope alive!

Gov. Koomoe got Satmar's back.

Unknown said...

A true disgrace. No real Jew would stand with this horrible crowd

Alex S. said...

Those Satmar are not Jewish in my book. They are the ones that behave like Nazis if they go to Iran to kiss the hand of the Iranian Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Satmar - continuing to drag itself through the gutter. #fakejews

Sol said...

And Sharpton & Farrakhan need more African Americans like you!