Thursday, October 18, 2018

Frum Judge Rachel Freier orders Muslim suspect released on bail after brutal assault on 62 year-old Jew earlier this week.

I think her shaitel is on too tight! 
I believe she is in collusion with the DA Gonzales

who is terrified of the Arabs that surround Brooklyn!

And now we have another Liberal Judge of our very own...

Jews just never learn! 

They will vote for the vicious anti-Semite Kirsten Gillibrand for Senator in New York again. They voted for fat Nadler and Cry'in Schumer!
The only thing that Heimishe Yiddin  want is more fed aid and if a Nazi promises that, then damn everything as long as our "Moised" can get Title 2!
Uch..... I'm running to throw up! 

Court Docket indicating Mrs "Shaitel" Freier and the Bail amount 

Afzal reportedly attacked the victim, identified as Rabbi Lipa Schwartz, 62, because he thought he was an Orthodox Jewish man who had stepped in front of his car earlier in the day. Video footage shows Afzal pulling Schwartz into the street and savagely beating him.

Afzal was arrested soon after the assault. After his identity was published, he was fired from his job at Church Avenue Car Service.

During the assault, Afzal reportedly yelled "Allah, Allah" while he dragged Schwartz.

“He came out from the car. I couldn’t explain to you how angry he was. He was screaming the whole time,” Schwartz recounted to CBS2.

“All of a sudden… boof, boof, boof, boof!”, Schwartz continued. "So I start to fight back because it’s either death or life.”

Following the attack, Schwartz was evacuated to Maimonides Medical Center and was treated for minor injuries.
Yiddish-speaking Freier is the first female hasidic judge in the US and was first appointed to the bench in 2016 . She began studying law at age 30 after realizing she was working for lawyers younger than herself.


Anonymous said...

A frum lady (or man) does not belong being a judge in NY. Period

Anonymous said...

Maybe our old 'pal' Ezra Freaklander talked some 'sense' into her

Ma Rabbi said...

I cannot believe this.
Why would judge Frier do such a crazy thing?
Did her superiors order her to release him?

Frum but normal said...

Stupid suicidal MAH YAFFIS Jews are busy bending over backwards (even if it will break their own backs) to show the GOYIM that they are fair and not sticking up for their own brothers and sisters

Frum but normal said...

This woman decided to sacrifice the Jewish community on the altar of leftism and political correctness,and to show her bosses and colleagues what a good liberal and leftist she is.SHAME ON YOU Ruchy.

Yasser Arabfart said...

Pal is shorthand for Palestinian.

Ezra in a keffiyeh - I'm so there!

San fracisco said...

For all you people that do not know her personally I do know her personally, she is the brightest kindest most attentive person on Earth will goes out of her way every single day to help another person. What she did must have been with very good reason

Dusiznies said...

San fracisco

Unknown said...

Too often I am wary with 'one of our own' being in the spotlight. ...the need to look over your shadow to look fair.....

Anonymous said...

To let out a person on bail is not the same as dropping all charges and let him go free,
She didn't let him off the hook, all she did is agree that he is not a flight risk, he will have his day in court and hopefully will get many years behind bars.
On the other hand she should have kept him locked up so he can't go around the streets attacking people.

Anonymous said...

If this perp's defense is mental illness vs. "Hate Crime", he shouldn't have been let out on bail, but sent to a mental hospital so that he doesn't cause more harm to other innocents.

In all of my encounters with Judge Freier, I was shocked at how self-centered she was. Then others shared their experiences and put it into words -- "narcissist."

Freier doesn't impress when you have more than a 2 minute conversation, and neither does DA Gonzalez who is completely out of touch with the Brooklyn Jewish community -- and appoints a Russian with a Jewish name to be his liaison to the Jewish community (who tells you outright he doesn't want to be seen as the "Jewish Liaison.")

Brooklyn voters need to do better.