Saturday, October 20, 2018

Mordy Mehlman Publisher of FJJ Gives A Forum to the Accused Sex Pervert and Jew Hater ..Yaakov Shapiro UPDATED!!

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, the self hating Jew, mouthpiece of the Israel bashing Neturei Karta, who is constantly on Utube bashing the State of Israel, and who has been accused countless times of being a sexual pervert, recently wrote a book The Empty Chair , a book that could have easily been  written by Adolf Eichmann YM"S. 
In fact there wasn't any Jewish publisher who would publish this book of hate and fury written against other Jews!!

The book deliberately in a deceitful way omits the fact that hundreds of Gedoilei Yisroel actively supported the State pre-war2 and post WW2. The book doesn't address the fact that many Gedoilei Yisroel that opposed a State, supported the State once it was established in 1948. The book doesn't address the fact that the Zionist State continues to support Moisdei Ha'Torah and did so since its inception. Last year alone the Zionists granted over 250 million US Dollars to Moisdei Ha'Torah! When I write "Moisdei Ha'Torah I include Satmar Moisdois .... yes ... I repeat Satmar Moisdois, even though they deny it... they take and have always taken money from the Zionist Entity ... see my post of Ocober 16.

The book ignores the fact that most Gedoilei Yisroel moved and established their Chassidishe Courts and Yeshivois to the Zionist State. It deliberately omits the fact that the Chafetz Chayim had made concrete plans to move to Petach Tikvah and that a letter recently auctioned off mentioned in detail the CC's ideas on how he wanted his apartment laid out.

The filthy book doesn't mention the fact that the Chofetz Chayim's very own son R' Aryeh Leib (who went by the name Pupkah and sometimes Epstein) was a fervent Zionist and one of the founders of the "Chovevei Zion" movement. Chovevei Tzion held that "Mitzvas Yishuv Eretz Yisroel is a mitzvah of here and now and advocated the settlement of Eretz Yisroel regardless of who was running the government. R' Aryeh Leib was very close to his father and was the editor of the Mishna Berurah. Some write that R' Aryeh Leib was actually the author of complete chapters of the Mishna Berurah!

Rabbi Shapiro, the "empty brain"  is actively involved with the anti-Israel website modestly called True Torah Jewswhich advocates for the State of Israel to be dissolved, Chas Ve'Shalom!

Please note that the leftists in Israel, constantly quote from this capo, and he is their hero....
If you read Haaretz and other leftist newspapers you will notice that there isn't any daylight between them and the "frum" anti-Zionists' view..... 
Hashem Yishmor!

In the Oct 11, 2018 edition of Mordy Mehlman's Newspaper FJJ, a "letter to the editor" took Shapiro to task pointing out that Shapiro's work was a work of distorted trash and fiction. 

In this week's edition, Meek Mordy, like the coward that he is, folded like a cheap cardboard box and apologized for printing the brave, sane and rational letter of one of his readers ....

Then to add to the huge Chillul Hashem, Mordy Mehlman, that must have had too many Chulapchis this past Yom Tov had this JEW-NAZI respond to the letter, who, K'darko Be'Koidesh  responded with half truths and whole lies!

Mordy Mehlman, the "Spineless Tuchis Lekker,"  has been caught in the web of Israel bashing Jew Haters .... 

 Jews in Brooklyn who want to read Loshon Hara about Israel have Der Yid, Der Blatt, Dee Tzeitung, Der Sturmer, CNN, Reuters, The New York Times .. and now the FJJ!

I will not post Shapiro's disgusting response that reeks of hate and filth against his brothers and sisters residing in Israel, but will post Mordy's embarrassing apology! 

Notice that Mehlman, the naive fool, calls this self-hating Jew, "a Rov and Scholar."

The Meraglim were also "Rabbanim and Scholars!" In fact if you read all the commentaries on Parshas Shlach, the parsha of the meraglim, all state that the meraglim were "Rabbis and Scholars."
"Rabbis and Scholars" and the Sanhedrin were also followers of Korach!

Mordy.... the State of Israel is a fact ,,, a miracle .... a country with the largest Jewish population; a country that has the most Torah learning .... 
and is surrounded by wolves that are ready to pounce and destroy her .... 
yet, here you are a Jew a self righteous Yeshivash publisher of a popular newspaper publishing an "apology" because someone stood up to this lying rat Shapiro!!

Mordy, afraid of a wall of backlash against his sick "apology" adds that he "will not print any of the numerous response letters received" because of "L'maan hasholom"馃槂

First he takes a "crap" on his loyal readers, and then runs like a coward because he cannot stand his own stench!
Excuse me but I gota go throw up!!


Circling the Wagon said...

Mordy Mehlman knows who butter$ his bread.

Doesn't CiticoN have the contract for the Agudah Fresser Convention & many affiliates?

Because they are all in bed with the Mehlmans, Mordy's younger brother gets away with his weak kashrus standards at various restaurants, donut shops, etc. But Lakewood gets credit for telling him to stop misleadingly plastering the yeshiva's name on his teudos.

Yasser Arabfart said...

This report is dedicated to the Americans murdered at Benghazi

Saddened by FJJ said...

I was also surprised and saddened by Mordy's capitulation here.

He is a nice guy, but one should not be a naar.

It is not only that he gave Shapiro a chance to respond. He gave him a giant space. Shapiro's letter was a long speech. He should not have given him so much space.

Reb Mordy, stand straight and show some backbone, it is healthy!

concerned said...

"Please note that the leftists in Israel, constantly quote from this capo, and he is their hero..."
Wow! I didn't know that!! I thought we can all just ignore this idiot...

Can you please link to some places that shapiro is quoted in leftist media?

steven said...

Shapiro probably threatened a lawsuit.

Linda Soursarutchkuu said...

The various NGOs' Websites that promote BDS quote him all the time and they link to his UTUBE videos..
Haaretz just quoted his book about 2 months ago when they were writing that the Chareidie World is basically left in their politics in Israel ....
You must be living on a different planet
We cannot ignore him just as we cannot ignore Neturei Karta, because they are attempting to destroy Israel from within ..

Chulent Fresser said...

Would it be ok if the leftists didn't link to this bastard ... would that be ok with you?
Why don't to READ the post instead honing in on something that isn't here nor there?
The gist of this post for any sane person reading it, is that Mehlman gave a Jew Hater a "forum" to spew his vitriol on other Jews ... and THAT is not ok!

Frum but normal said...

by the way,this filthy Jew hating KAPO bastard swine, is a spokesman for Satmar not Neturai Karta,the web site called "torah true judaism" is affiliated with "netrunai" which is a Satmar supported org.