Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Satmar Leadership Keep Lying to Their Chassidim ...Their Moisdois Take Money From the State of Israel !

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Frum but normal said...

This is the least of their problem,these criminally insane Jew hating murderous BASTARDS are actually cold blooded MURDERERS,their bloody hands are dripping with Jewish blood.
If you think this is a gross exaggeration think again,these filthy TRAITOROUS KAPO animals are full partners with our deadly enemies in their efforts to delegitimize and eventually destroy our one and only God given ERETZ YISROEL together with it's six and a half million Jews.

These filthy SWINES have an organization called "NATRUNA" (not affiliated with neturai karta) where they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly in disseminating Arab propaganda and claiming that Jews have absulutely no right to our holy land and agreeing with the murderous Arabs that it is Palestine and it belongs to them.