Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Crazed Ex ADL Foxman: Trump is a demagogue, a threat to democracy and Jews" Even though The Killer Hated Trump

This Foxman guy must have dementia ... blaming the President "for the problem"...a President who is the best friend the Jews ever had!
In a interview with David Horowitz ....  Foxman, a child of Polish Jews and who survived the Holocaust and spent his American life "fighting anti-Semitism" has gone off the deep end. 
Abraham Foxman, 78, stresses that anti-Semitism has “always been there” in America. He stresses, too, that Donald Trump is not an anti-Semite. But, says Foxman, carefully and fiercely, “ is part of the problem."

“Pittsburgh is not Trump. It’s also Trump,” he says. By this, he explains, he means that a consequence of Trump’s ideology, unforeseen by the president, is the triggering of bigotry and the emboldening of extremists like Pittsburgh killer Robert Bowers. “I don’t think he sees it. I don’t think he understands it,” says Foxman of Trump. “And so now, when it happens” in Pittsburgh, and people point a finger of blame at Trump, “he’s screaming bloody murder. Me? I have a Jewish daughter. I have Jewish grandchildren. Look what I did for Israel.”
This Foxman should just shut the hell up!

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