Friday, October 5, 2018

Singer “Dedi” In Critical Condition

Businessman and world renowned singer Dedi Graucher is in critical condition, and his family is asking everyone to please have him in mind in their Tefillos.
Dedi, 57, was hospitalized after Sukkos at Ma’anay HaYeshua hospital in Bnei Brak.  He told his family he wasn’t feeling well and moments later he collapsed. He is suffering from a a serious kidney infection (possibly kidney failure) and was placed on a respirator.
He underwent emergency surgery on Thursday, and is still in need of Rachmei Shomayim.
One of Dedi’s sons got married on the day after Yom Kippur.
Dedi began his musical career in the 90’s with the release of several albums and performances around the globe.
His name for Tehillim is Oded Dovid ben Tzipora.

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