Sunday, October 21, 2018

Will Jews of New York vote for Kristen Gillibrand the close friend of Linda Sarsour?

There’s only a short couple of weeks until the election. 

Kristen Gillibrand has turned her back on her Jewish constituents. 

First she voted FOR the Iran deal, then against the Taylor act ( anti BDS), and now she has become best buddies with openly anti Israel and anti-Semite Linda Sarsour and close to the Arab community. 

This may be acceptable in a state like Michigan but in a state like NY with millions of Jews- it’s an affront! 

We won’t be demonstrating in the street or destroying NY businesses, but we WILL be going to the polls and vote for her republican opponent Chele Farley. 

We may not know much about her but she can’t be worse than Gillibrand has been for Israel and the Jewish community. 

Remember- your vote counts! Please pass around to your other chats- we can win!

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Anonymous said...

Yes. Jews from NY are idiots. Voting and supporting Nazis, just like they did before WWII. they will vote for Obama, Hillary, Schumer etc anybody, as long as hes an antisemite but tells "them" hes not.