Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Why A Massacre At a Brit Milah?? Why? Rabbi Aderet Has The Answer But R' yaakov Bender Has Another View!

Rabbi Aderet Above Video


Anonymous said...

what is the name and city of this Rav?

sam said...

wow! so true words
the zchus of standing up for hashem should protect us all

Anonymous said...

Who is this creep

Anonymous said...

I'm an Orthodox Jew. This man is sick. Hitler ym"s didn't look at your preference to kill Jews! These 11 JEWS were killed because they are JEWS!!! The "rabbi" has no concept in halacha or basic Jewish principles of faith - he is an abomination to our religion - how can you justify another Jew's death? Sinner or otherwise - unless this "rabbi" has gentile blood flowing in his veins.

Dusiznies said...

Rabbi Aderet

Frum but normal said...

This so called Rabbi,is nothing but a criminally insane filthy Jew hating swine,this is not the first time this MAMZER is doing and saying this obscene things, here is a link read it and weep


Democrat Watch said...

Rabbi Aderet is speaking the truth here.

Bender is acting as an intellectually dishonest shill for the Left by claiming that the sole reason that the Pittsburgh temple was attacked is because they were Jews.

Bender ignores why the gunman picked that Temple. He would like to ignore the fact that groups in that temple were partners with HIAS which is a Leftist Jewish organization that works against the interests of America and against the interests of Jews by importing anti-Semitic third world future Democrats to America.

No doubt the gunman is a deranged psychopath criminal. But if he really was targeting Jews simply because they are Jews, he would have targeted a Hareidi synagogue where Jews have a much more visible Jewish appearance than the Conservative Temple.

Leftist Jews are the ones who are bringing disaster upon American Jews, but Bender won't admit that.