Thursday, June 23, 2016

Family Pleads for Missing Estranged Mom Estee Weinstein to Return Home

הנעדרת - נעדרת: חרדית לשעבר, בת 50, אם לשבעה

Police are continuing the search for the missing mother of seven who disappeared in northern Israel on Monday, 14 Sivan. The 50-year-old former chareidi woman left her frum lifestyle about eight years ago and with the exception of one daughter, she has been cut off from the family, which is affiliated with the Gerrer Chassidus. - 

Esti Weinstein, a resident of Yishuv Azur, was last seen in the north on Monday. She left a letter signaling her despondent state of mind and that she was contemplating suicide.

Relatives of Esti are pained and concerned, and have turned to the media with the following message.

 “The family is willing to renew ties and change everything”.

One daughter, Tami, who remained in touch with her, was in contact until the disappearance. 

She spoke with Rafi Reshelf of Channel 10 News on Wednesday 16 Sivan, seeking to send a plea to her mom to return home.

Tami reports that among the letters left behind by her mom was a will, adding she left the religious lifestyle when her mother did, remaining at her side,after all ties with the others were cut off.

Tami adds, her mother was driving a black Hyundai license number 51-562-37. Anyone with information should call the police ‘100’ emergency number


Anonymous said...

DIN, check out Reuters & the NY Observer.

The FBI & Federal Postal officers cleaned out the Platinum hedge fund offices yesterday owned by ex-Kosher Delight owner from Lawrence, Murray Huberfeld, some YU guys from New Rochelle and possibly David Bodner in Monsey through his wife. The Observer is reporting that besides the NYPD scandal, Fruchthandler went to the SEC & told them Platinum stole $600,000 from Yeshiva Chaim Berlin. Bloomberg News & Dow Jones's Barron's magazine are reporting Platinum is a ponzi scheme.

Any word in Monsey if Federal agents were at Bodner's house?

Unknown said...

Esti Weinstein is part of the rigid upbringing in the Gerer Chasidus which ultimately rebels ...
Hashem Yerachem ...

Anonymous said...

Just proves these Rebbes and Rabbis, past and present, got it oh-so-wrong!

Unknown said...

She was just found dead in her car ... BD"E