Monday, June 27, 2016

Estee Weinstein: "In this city I gave birth to my daughters, and in this city I died, because of my daughters"

אסתי וינשטיין לצד הרכב בו נמצאה - "בעיר זו ילדתי את בנותיי, בעיר זו מתי בגללן"

"בעיר זו ילדתי את בנותיי, בעיר זו מתי בגללן"

המכתב המצמרר שהותירה אחריה אסתי וינשטיין, מלמד על הכאב הרב שלה מניתוק הקשר עם משפחתה: "בעיר זו ילדתי את בנותיי, בעיר זו מתי בגלל בנותיי"

 נכתב במכתב שנמצא לצידה (חדשות)

Estee Weinstein who was estranged from her 6 daughters left a suicide note near her body, explaining her decision to end her life, and explaining why she chose the city Ashdod to carry out her intention.

 Estee left the Gerrer Chassidis and had divorced her husband. 
Only one solitary daughter decided to stay with her, all others breaking their relationship with her!

She was distraught because of this estrangement and decided to end her life.
When she was found missing last week, her estranged children begged her in open letters to "please come home" and that they forgave her, but it was too late .... the body found was apparently deceased for many days!


Preserve Frappacino said...

Ed Day must be guzzling gin in celebration

Anonymous said...

Jaffe is not the only old katchka making trouble

Watch out for Hilda Kogut

She went from FBI agent to Rockland County Public Safety Commissioner, but was forced to resign from a double dipping scandal

Now that she doesn't have much to do she is meeting up with all the area anti-Semitic groups like Preserve Orangetown & a Black group in Hillcrest with the same goals to keep Jews out of parts of Monsey south of the Thruway.

Here they are really getting worked up:

A message from CUPON

We are calling a special CUPON meeting on Monday June 20th at 7pm at the Firehouse on Red School House Road to address the Real Estate Non-Solicitation Zone, an opportunity presented to us by Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart at our last meeting to prevent Blockbusting in Rockland County.
The purpose of our meeting is to tell our stories about the illegal solicitation practices that are happening in our communities.
We need you, your friends and neighbor’s experiences related to these issues concerning the attempted purchases of your home or any inducement (cash offers, harassment, warning of change in your neighborhood etc.)
Any submission can be anonymous and we encourage you to have an outline of your experience in advance of the meeting.

It is extremely critical that you share your stories as there will be a Public Hearing in July with our elected state representatives. We finally have a chance to have our stories heard and to possibly have legislation enacted that will protect all of us.

The Cupon group along with Andy Stewart will be on hand to collect, discuss and aide in documenting your experiences in private or during the open forum.

We look forward to seeing you on June 20th at 7pm.
Together we will make a difference.

“No Solicitation” lawn signs will also be available for $8.

mmz said...

only a sick mind does this to her children.

Anonymous said...

Only a sick mind would criticize a woman who died in horrible pain over the children she lost to the sadistic Gerrorists.

Anonymous said...

Only a sick mind does this to their mother. Only a sick cult like gur chassidus allows this to go on.

Ferdorrist said...

It's not just Gerrorists. Skverrorists are known for this too.

Preserve Frappacino said...

New $2500 fine for knocking on doors in Clarkstown where Jews are moving in just outside of Skver.

Anonymous said...

It's not easy when a person leaves the fold for both the person and family members. However, lines of communication should always be left open. It's differcult to judge anyone. Often people feel that the will be influenced adversely by the party that has left. This might be true, but nobody should be astranged or tragedy can happen. This woman was obviously distraught and depressed. We do not know another persons anguish. At the end of the day it's a tragedy for KLAL Yisrael, and the family. It was a very extreme measure. A little chesed can go a long way.