Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Frozen Blueberries with Hisachdas Hashgacha ... infested!

As I keep writing, that  the Heimishe Hashgachos are all a bunch frauds and fakes .... stick to the OU! 
Lipa Klein the Chief Honcho of the Hisachdus Ha'Ganavim says that it is "not the policy of Hisachdus to recall products ".... so there you have it.

From the Yudel Blog:

Golden Flow brand frozen Blueberries were found now to be highly infested.

Certified by Hisachdus of Brooklyn.
Do not use any product with blueberries, including;
Cheese cake
Gevina yougurts and Lebens


Unknown said...

There are people that buy only CRC Hisachdus knowing that it is treif or bug infested ...
After 120 years the consumer will answer ..."I relied totally on the Rabbis, let them burn in Gehinnom" ... "I am totally absolved" ...

Anonymous said...

you mean they actually found a blueberry in the bugs?