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What really was said between the Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton on a private plane that neither of them traveled on!

Lynch Clinton Meeting
The following is a transcript of the Rush Limbaugh show ..

RUSH:   We have a surprise visit by Bill Clinton to the attorney general in a private plane on the tarmac at Phoenix.  If it hadn't been for a local Phoenix ABC affiliate, we wouldn't know that it had happened.  

 "Amid an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of email and hours before the public release of the Benghazi report, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton. The private meeting took place on the west side of Sky Harbor International Airport on board a parked private plane," that was being used by Loretta Lynch and her husband. They're traveling around doing appearances on how the Justice Department's taking over local police departments. 

Now, neither Clinton nor Loretta Lynch actually arrived in Phoenix on that plane.  

Did you know that?  
You didn't know that?  
The plane on which they met is not the plane either of them used to get there.  It looks like somebody put that plane there so nobody would see the meeting.  And again, as I say, if it weren't for this local ABC affiliate, for some reason had a camera crew out at Sky Harbor, we wouldn't know that this meeting had taken place. 

The national Drive-Bys were nowhere near, even though Loretta Lynch is the attorney general.  You would think that there is a body watch on her, a media body watch.  I mean, you know what those are, right?  The media, there's constantly somebody watching public figures in case something extraordinary happens.  It's just a fact of media life.  And I would think that she rates a body watch. Maybe she doesn't.  Apparently not, because there weren't any Drive-Bys there. 
We don't know whose airplane it was.  It could be that she gets a private plane.  She could get a government plane to fly to Phoenix if she's on government business.  It depends on the fleet, depends on what's available.  And we do know that she was flying around meeting with various local police departments as the federal government establishes, quote, unquote, guidelines for local police departments, which is nothing more than actually a takeover. 
Now, here's what we are told this was all about.  For some reason, former President Clinton was visiting the Phoenix area.  We don't know why.  He just happened to be there.  The story is that he was playing golf in Phoenix.  It's 108 degrees, Bill Clinton playing golf in Phoenix.  Somebody who has had serious heart surgery.  It sounds to me like a bit of a stretch but we'll go with it because that's what is being reported here by the local ABC affiliate, KNXV in Phoenix. 
So the story is this.  Clinton was visiting the Phoenix area, arrived at Sky Harbor Airport Monday evening to leave.  This is what it says next.  "Sources tell ABC15 Clinton was notified Lynch would be arriving at the airport soon and waited for her arrival."
What I like to do is actually envision this.  Here's Clinton, he's played golf, done whatever he's done in Phoenix, on the way to the airport to leave.  I don't know how he travels, but he's probably got a Secret Service contingent. That means they're in a series of SUVs, one or two of them. And somehow, on the way or after he arrives, somebody says, "Hey, Slick Willie, guess who's coming in here in 10 minutes or so, guess who's landing, Loretta Lynch." 
(Clinton impression)  "Hey, is that right?  Oh, Loretta's coming in?  Well, you know what, let's delay our departure.  Let me just go over and say hi."  Really?  So Clinton just happens to be told that Loretta Lynch is arriving soon when he just happens to be arriving to depart at Sky Harbor International Airport. 

"Lynch was arriving in Phoenix for a planned visit as part of her national tour to promote community policing," which again is Obama taking over police departments.  "The private meeting comes as Lynch's office is in charge of the ongoing investigation and potential charges involving Clinton's email server." That would be Hillary Clinton's email server, she the spouse of the aforementioned Bill Clinton. 
"The private meeting also occurred hours before the Benghazi report was released publicly involving Hillary Clinton and President Obama's administration.  Lynch said the private meeting on the tarmac did not involve these topics." Do you know what Lynch said they talked about?  Loretta Lynch, attorney general, arriving in Phoenix to help take over the Phoenix police department and no doubt probably the sheriff's department, too, get Joe Arpaio out of the way, showing up there, all of a sudden is told Bill Clinton is arriving soon and wants to have a meeting with you. 
So they find a vacant plane on the tarmac, and Loretta Lynch goes there, Clinton, after having been told Loretta Lynch has just arrived or soon arriving, goes to this tarmac, no doubt at general aviation, gets on board the plane. Loretta Lynch says their conversation was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social, about their travels.  She said the president mentioned that he played golf in Phoenix.  And Loretta Lynch admitted all this on Tuesday afternoon while speaking at the Phoenix police department. 
So we are supposed to believe here that Bill Clinton, a 70-year-old man with a history of heart trouble played golf in Phoenix where it was 108, 110 degrees, maybe he played on Sunday when it was 108, I don't know.  And then he's on the way to the airport to leave, is told that Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, is soon due to arrive, delays his departure, goes to a vacant private jet on the tarmac where she happens to be.  He delays his departure to go have the meeting at which they discuss their grandchildren and their travels. 
(Clinton impression) "Hey, Loretta, you know, I heard you were here, and I just wanted to come say hi before I left.  You know what?  Got a grandkid coming.  Do you have any grandkids, Loretta?" 
"Yes, Mr. President." 
"Aren't they great?  That's the greatest thing in the world.  I'm glad I caught you.  I'm glad I found you before you left so I could talk about our grandchildren with you.  I've been playing golf here in Phoenix.  What are you gonna be doing?  Is that right?  You're over here to take over the police department.  Good for you.  Hey, good seeing you.  I'm glad you waited for me, have this little meeting about our grandkids before you leave. Hope you have a great visit, whatever you do, and I'll check you later," and he leaves. 
I try to envision that and it just doesn't work for me.  It just doesn't work for me. 
So what else might have been going on at this meeting?  Well, let us continue here with a story from ABC Phoenix affiliate, KNXV. 
"Sources say the private meeting at the airport lasted around 30 minutes."  Okay, how many grandkids does Clinton have?  Chelsea's got two now?  Okay.  So how many minutes per grandchild do you discuss with the attorney general?  How many grandchildren does she have?  Let's say she's got four, just for the heck of it, pick a number, six grandkids, 30 minutes, basically five minutes per grandchild.  And maybe three minutes because you'd have to have some discussion about mutual travel, you know, how was the trip into Phoenix.  She would report.  He would describe what it was like playing golf in this oppressive heat and how happy he was to be getting out of there and back to where he was going, and then he's off. 
And then this express item.  "There was no discussion on any matter pending before the Department," or anything having to do with Hillary Clinton's emails or anything related to it.  Nothing like that happened.  That just doesn't work for me.  Let me propose an alternative.  Let me run something by you and see what you think of this. 
Let's take elements of this story, and let's believe them.  Let's say that Bill Clinton was -- well, we know he was in Phoenix.  Let's say he was leaving, he was on the way to the airport, and it's not beyond the realm of possibility, he's told that Loretta Lynch is gonna be arriving soon at the same airport where he's gonna be leaving.  So Clinton decides, "You know what?  I want to have a talk with this woman.  I want to meet her, and what a great time, nobody knows that I'm here, and nobody knows that she's here." 
So a meeting is hastily arranged on a private jet, passenger compartment on the tarmac at Sky Harbor.  Now, for those of you think, wouldn't it be hot in there?  No, no.  All they have to do is fire up the auxiliary power unit, the APU, and they can get AC blowing in the plane.  No, it would not be a sweat box.  They could do this without starting the engines.  Perfectly fine to do.  So don't factor that in. 
Somehow they tell Loretta Lynch that Bill Clinton is in town on the way to the airport, wants to meet her.  She has two options.  She could blow it off or say, "Oh, okay."  She takes the meeting.  Again, we wouldn't know this happened -- this is a crucial point -- we would not know this happened were it not for this ABC affiliate in Phoenix.  The Drive-Bys haven't told us a word about it. 
What about this possibility.  Clinton hears that she's there, demands a meeting, it gets set up, he boards plane, she's there, and he says something along the lines of: (Clinton impression) "Madam Attorney General, how you doing?  It's such a honor to meet you.  You are doing such a great job.  You know, I was one of the people that told Barack Obama to put you in this job.  I've been one of your champions for I can't tell you how long. 
"Let me tell you how things are gonna go from here on out. If you want to keep this job, if you want to keep your reputation, because remember, don't forget what I told Ted Kennedy way back in 2008.  It wasn't that long ago that Barack Obama would be serving us our cocktails, be serving us our coffee.  It wasn't that long ago, and he got mad at it, Loretta. But I'm telling you, things haven't changed, it's still that way, and if you want to keep it that way, you know this email thing?  It doesn't exist.  Just broom it, Loretta.  Just forget about it.  Ain't nothing there. 
"Nothing to see.  Tell Comey.  No matter what he wants, you don't have any evidence.  That's it.  It's been great seeing you.  It was fun playing golf.  I hope your grandkids are doing great.  I hope you have a great time taking over the Phoenix Police Department.  I gotta go.  Don't forget what I told you, Loretta.  And remember who put you here.  Remember how you got here.  And remember how easy Loretta it would be to send you somewhere else."
RUSH:  Okay.  Okay.  If you have doubts about that, let's give 'em both the benefit of the doubt for a moment, even though I know this isn't true, but let's just say that Lynch and Clinton are both telling the truth and the whole thing is just happenstance and it was a wonderful meeting of two former colleagues.  Isn't having a friendly chat for 30 minutes, once it's been discovered, isn't is that bound to influence her decisions on Hillary and the FBI investigation? 
Isn't this what we might call an appearance of impropriety?  Isn't it what the left might call an appearance of impropriety?  Isn't this one of those circumstances where the left would say, "No, no, no, it's about the seriousness of the charge. The nature of the evidence is irrelevant.  It's the seriousness of the charge."  And I don't believe that.  I think this thing was set up long ago.  I don't think this was happenstance at all, ladies and gentlemen. 
Things like this just don't happen.  And if you think that I'm stretching when I say that Clinton would go in there and remind her who put her there, you people may not remember this.  Who do you think it was that appointed Loretta Lynch to be the US attorney for the Eastern District of New York?  It's a plum assignment.  The Southern District is big because that's Manhattan.  But the Eastern District of New York, that's Long Island.  That's Brooklyn, Long Island, that's no slouch district.  Bill Clinton appointed Loretta Lynch to be US attorney, Eastern District, New York, when he was president. 
So, when Bill Clinton gets on board the private plane with Loretta Lynch (Clinton impression), "Hey, hey, hey, hey, Loretta, I'm sure you remember how you got this job.  I'm sure you can put two and two together.  I'm sure you can realize that you are the AG because I made you a federal judge, and before that nobody had ever heard of you except the Congressional Black Caucasians. I took their recommendation, and now look where we are." 
And again, folks, I want to remind you, we wouldn't know about this were it not for a local Phoenix affiliate.  That's not an insignificant thing.  The Drive-Bys were nowhere near this.  And even if the Drive-Bys had gotten wind of it, do you think they would have reported it complete with photos like the ABC affiliate in Phoenix did?  Doubtful. 
Now some people are suggesting Loretta Lynch may have to recuse herself. (laughing) That makes me laugh.  If that were to happen, there's not a single Democrat judge on the Supreme Court that could hear any case.  They're all compromised.  They don't recuse themselves.  It's the exact opposite.  They are there to make sure that whatever needs to happen can happen.  If it's corrupt, if it's on the edges of the law, fine and dandy, because the advancement of the agenda and the protection of the players -- in this case, Hillary Clinton -- trumps everything. 
I mean, Eric Holder, this guy, he should have recused himself from Ferguson; he should have recused himself from half the cases 'cause he's out there prejudging everything and tainting the jury pool in every instance where there was a jury trial.  He didn't recuse himself.  It's laughable that she would have to recuse herself.  That would never happen.  That's the exact reason why she's there, in fact.  But if she did recuse herself, that would open it up for Comey.  But if she recused herself there would be somebody else in there next in line, you know, next person steps up and it would be the same old thing.  


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