Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Gedoilim back Nachan Yitzchok Burstein the Serial Child Rapist!

Here is a guy that raped and sodomized his own relatives, had a trial,was convicted, and is currently sitting in Jail in Israel. 

He was a rebbe of little children, and picked a profession so that he could satisfy his bizarre sexual cravings of little children.

So what do our holy gedoilim do? They write letters and make fundraising functions to help out his family.
Now I'm not saying that his family doesn't need financial help, eventhough they knew all about it and did nothing, but to write in these letters and posters that he is an "innocent guy," "convicted wrongly," is an affront to his victims and a Chillul Hashem! 

The following Rabbanim wrote letters backing a serial child rapist!

R' Yaakov Meir Schechter - Rosh yeshivas Shaar


Rachmestrivker Rebbe

R' Tzvi Meyer Zilberberg - Rosh yeshivas Nachalas Yaakov

 (grandson of R' Gedalya Schorr)

Lelover Rebbe

R' Boruch Nosson Halberstam - Kiviashder Dayan

R' Yosef Binyomin Wosner - Satmar London Dayan

R' Yosef Padwa - Kedassia Dayan

R' Aryeh Weiss - Vizhnitz London

R' Dovid Hager - - Vizhnitz London

R' Zev Feldman - Etz Chaim London

R' Avrohom Yosef Rubinfeld - Khal Charedim London

R' Bentzion Blum - Bobov London Dayan

R' Sholom Friedman - Kedassia Dayan

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Salted Pretzel said...

Who is footing the legal bills for that scumbag molester Yona Weinberg who ran from Flatbush to Har Nof before the NYPD could issue another warrant on him?

He keeps suing the few rabbis who take a public stand against him. In Israel he doesn't have to pay their legal bills when his bogus lawsuits eventually get thrown out of court.

As far as Burstein at least half these rabbonim were probably lied to by so called askonim but they should do a better job investigating the facts before issuing letters like this.