Monday, June 27, 2016

Nadler Smacks Holocaust Survivors & "Askanim" want you to vote for him!

The two-timing capo traitor, Jerry "fatso" Nadler, voted to hand nuclear weapons to the Iranian murderers, and the Frum Heimishe Tuches Lekkers take out a full page ad in the Hamodia, targeting   Holocaust Survivors in the capo's district  asking them to vote for the back-stabbing representative, tomorrow!

I'm asking you, haven't we learned from our not so distant bloody history, that pandering to mamzeirim like Nadler, that threw the Jewish people under the bus, will only encourage  him to keep following the deadly democratic regime, with absolutely no repercussions?
Shouldn't we send a message to this fat slob,that cut the heads off the last remaining holocaust survivors, that we will not tolerate representatives, that don't represent us ... 

Now that we had a chance to see the damage that this brainless fool did by voting for this phony Iran deal, a deal that the White House spokesman himself said was a "bad deal" it's time to vote him out....let him eat his gefilta fish and lotkis as a citizen and not as a representative to the remnants of survivors!

Abish Brodt, the  irrelevant "singing Star," signs his name to this atrocity!

Other signers:
Abraham Biderman, R" Pesach Lerner, Moshe Duvid Niederman, R' Beresh Freilich, R' yitzchok Fleischer, R' Naftali Tessler, Yossi Reider



Romanisher Ferd said...

How is it that Duvid Niederman can sign with Pesach Lerner from Zionist Young Israel?

Monsey said...

Monsey said...