Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Noveminsker bashes bloggers as "lizanei hador"

With all due respect to the holy Noveminsker, I think, that after you finish watching the video, you will come to the conclusion that he may have made the biggest "litzanis!"

This was a Torah Umesorah convention, and the Noveminsker was addressing the issue ... of guess what? ....
Nope ..guess again.................................... give up? 
Sexual Abuse of children! 
And who does he blame? Guess?
The Abusers? 
You would think!
Nope ....think again!
The Bloggers! Yep ...crazy but true ....
Did he yell at Weingarten that raped his daughter? Did you hear a peep out of him, then? 
Who exposed that living bastard? This Blogger! Yup! way back in 2011! It's now 2016, have you heard the Noveminsker say one word to the victims?
How about the two "Kolko Rapists" did you hear one word out his holy mouth?
When Weberman raped and sexually abused countless girls...did you hear one word?
So who are the Lizanei hador? The bloggers that are exposing this? or is it perhaps the Gadol Hador ...the Noveminsker? HMMMMM?
And now for the kicker ...this Noveminsker is fighting against legislation to make this crime with no statue of limitation! 
Yes! He is fighting this ! so who is the comedian?


Unknown said...

Regrettable & Reprehensible ...
אלה אלוהיך ישראל ...

Anonymous said...

"You exposed this basterd" and you saw her being raped by her father? First of all since you called him a basterd it shows that you're a basterd and definitely your mother is a whore basterd, and since she's one go screw her
But again wherever whoever whatever it's against a frum Jew you accept it as is why? Because you're a mamzer mizera amalek Nazi Ben Nazi
Hitler was a righteous man compared to you, You're not a letz you are a rasha ben rasha who will never be able to do teshuva according to chazal so hopefully you'll have your misa meshuna asap

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Maybe you can explain why....

"Gedolim" support child rapists and criminals of all sorts.

"Gedolim" support politicians who are in favor of abortion, gay rights and all manner of TOAVEH.

"Gedolim" do not support decent frum politicians but instead support crooks and non-Jews.

Please provide an explanation. Thank you.

Dusiznies said...

you spelled "bastard" wrong!
You must be an abuser yourself ...because only an abuser would get worked up like that about a guy who raped his own daughters!

Anonymous said...

I purposely spelled it wrong why?look it up in shulchan oruch
That's your problem you are so deep in tumeh that you can't understand basic Halacha, do you know them? Was she raped in front of you? Obviously the answer is clear, so according to Halacha she's not trustworthy because she's a mechalel Shabbos, besides the REAL facts in that case, but again you as a real self hating Jew will believe anything and anyone who'll say whatever against any frum Jew

Leopold Margulies said...



Satmar Rebbe said...

This is addressed to 11:25 PM Anonymous:

You are about as dumb as they come. You are a ghetto dwelling brain washed retard.

Anonymous said...

Why are you attacking the Novominsker?
All these clowns that protected Weingarten live in your backyard in Monsey!
Do you attack or target them? Why do you not mention them as well?
Do not pick and choose easy targets- Anyone can do that.

Dusiznies said...

I did attack Moshe Green the enabler....are you new to this blog?
And I'm like attack, I fight back ...he called guys that expose those abusers ..."litzanei hador" bad mistake!

Anonymous said...

We both know that there were more Rabonim in Monsey backing and fighting this clown.
Are you friendly with the other rabonim that you do not mention?
Fight back- I am all for it! But be equal and fair.
It was a shame that so many rabonim were stupid enough to back Weingarten- Not just R. Moshe Green and no one opposed them . ( Besides for you- but they should all be exposed.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, so I'm dumb because I'm a ghetto dwelling bla bla bla, and now what? And btw I'm proud of my way of life and I'm proud to get such compliment which the gamara says the REAL frum Jews will be called so before the coming of Moshiach
Thanks i really appreciate it you made my day

New Square Talking Fish said...

Anonymous at 12:38 PM this is for YOU.

you have nothing to be proud about. You are brain dead. You don't know how to think. All you know how to do is repeat things like a parrot. You are a brainless zombie parrot. You belong on a stick in a cage. I bet you live on food stamps, section 8, Medicare and every other schnorring program you can get your hands on. Not long ago this was considered a boosha and a shanda to live on welfare. You have been fooled by your teachers into thinking this is a proper way of life. IT IS NOT. It is the way of life of crippled brain-dead Romanian gypsies such as you. And an embarrassment to the Jewish nation.

Anonymous said...

it still amazes me that the so called rabbis who know NOTHING about technology, computers and the internet are the ones telling everybody about it.

JJJ said...

He says he doesn't want someone to wake up in 40 yrs and destroy yeshivas
he shouldn't worry about the yeshivas
another one will open up
that's all he cares about his gelt